I am at ALT Summit meeting the most inspiring creative minds like Garance Dore and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest. More of that to come… Today, here is a fab house I wanted to share via House Beautiful.  A Traditional Tudor House Gets a Youthful, Vivid Update Sunshine and color breathe life into a young family’s.. read more →

My latest online obsession is KEEP.  This online site is a genius way to keep your shopping wants organized, as well as, check out what your friends and "tastemakers" are liking, buying and considering. Social Media and shopping are blending together to ultimate online store. You download the "Keep it" button to you browser bar.. read more →

I am still in recovery from my trip west.  I promise to give you a better recap of all the fun parties and events but, for now here are a few practical items and tips not to be missed. The Swizzle is an app where you can easily unsubscribe from unwanted email as well as, condense.. read more →

This little lovely print from ETSY's Lefty Lettering print* sums up my day at ALT Summit.  Today I took in literal tons of information with a Photoshop class, a Illustrator 101 class and a Media Kit class (which I am in still.) I actually think my mind has become mush since college.  It confirms that you.. read more →

VIA     Do you need more Valentine's ideas to forward to your guy? Look no farther… As you may know I have a serious accessory / jewelry obsession  Here are some fab finds from an unexpected source. Click through for a surprise source. What are your favorites?  VIA VIA VIA VIA VIA VIA VIA VIA.. read more →

My eldest in Cabo on a camel..How cool is that? I am making my current crossing to Utah for Altitude Summit.  The past 10 days have been crazy but, fun with lots to celebrate and be greatful for. If you are an Instagram follower, you may want to jump or excuse the duplicates. Worked on.. read more →

VIA Being the serious planner that I am, I love to get my itinerary organized before I go anywhere.  I am not much of a fly by the seat of my britches kinds gal. In my research for next week and my upcoming trip to Salt Lake City for ALT Summit I found two great.. read more →