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You may remember I was introduced to The Best of Budapest a few weeks back by a local.  She is also responsible for changing my skin. This is worthy of sharing too!

I have been used various skincare regimes over the years but have never noticed such dramatic differences in a short time. I have REALLY dry skin.  I have been traveling a ton without taking the Omorovicza products and using the previous products when i travel. What a difference I have noticed when I am back home.  My skin feels and looks drastically better. I am officially hooked. 

Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza, co-founder of Omorovicza, shares the magic behind this booming brand.


In terms of what makes Omorovicza unique…it’s all about water…where we get it, why we use it, what we do to it and then its’ effect on skin. 

If you read the ingredient list of any skincare product you buy, you will notice that a minimum of 60% is comprised of water – de-mineralized water.  

Water is (in every other product except Omorovicza) inert – it is just a filler, no value. With us, in addition to the highly anti–aging ingredients ranging from retinol to oligopeptides and beyound, we use a highly healing active unusual water mineral rich water.  

This water comes from the world’s largest source of healing mineral springs (happens to be in Budapest and happens to have been in my husbands family for hundreds of years).  

We work with a Hungarian Nobel Prize Winning laboratory of Dermatology famous for having discovered Vitamin C (another important ingredient for us) to create a process which changes the chemical composition of these mineral rich waters to make them more potent for the skin… we have patented this process…  

We also exclude many synthetic ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances etc but we also use the most potent anti-aging ingredients like the ones mentioned above which are not natural.  

What is important to us is to be daring in how we formulate and have the highest level of quality and innovation in all products.  


They are the fastest growing brand at Neiman Marcus in the States and Lane Crawford in Asia. You can also find it at Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Net-A-Porter

Here is my new ritual that I ADORE!

  • Cleanser/am.pmimg-7
    • Thermal Cleansing Balm: if you are an Erno Laszlo fan (which I am), you should love this…As you may recall from their system, you cleanse with a black bar of soap after applying a pre-cleanse oil.  Having used Erno for years, my big complaint was feeling I had to use the whole kit and kaboodle to see results… and there was quite a kit.  With this cleanser, it combines the black soap with an oil so time is reduced, without sacrificing results..And the mud is extremely precious. We are able to harvest it from the largest, active thermal lake in the world (happens to be in Hungary).  It is medical grade mud and has nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are not available any other place on earth.  It has won so many awards, incuding Best Anti-Aging Cleanser, Harper’s Bazaar.
    • Not sure you have used a cleansing balm before but it is a unique application… apply (very small amount) to fingertips, massage onto dry skin (including eyes with make up) and remove with the mitt included in your package (though mitt must be wet with warm water).  You cannot simply remove by splashing water.
  • Toner/Facial Mist am.pmimg-9
    • Queen of Hungary Mist: this is much more than a toner (and it is alcohol free) – it rebalances the moisture level in the skin and you can use after cleansing as well as throughout the day.  It also has a high percentage of extremely active minerals which also help stimulate collagen and elastin.  
  • Daytime Serumimg-6
    • Blue Diamond Concentrate: Just one best Serum from Vogue in India at their annual beauty awards and is a huge favorite amongst make up artists like Gucci Westman.  It has a unique technology which essentially is about cell fitness – teaching aging skin to behave as it did in its youth..Pretty fabulous and you need only a little
  • Daytime Moisturiserimg-8
    • Intensive Hydralifting Cream: I always recommend that people get samples of moisturisers before making an investment but I took a chance and sent you this fabulous cream…it is highly anti-aging, very rich (but not our richest cream) as we are still in warmer months…
  • Treatment/am or pm – no more than twice weekly img-5
    • Copper Peel – this is a chemical peel and it is amazing… Using lactic acid instead of the extremely harsh glycolic acid, the peel brightens the complexion and makes it look as though you had a 60 minute facial after just a few minutes… I typically use this early in the week for ‘maintenance’ and then again just before date night or big meeting when you want to look extra fab
  • Night Serumimg-4
    • Gold Night Drops – has also won so many awards – it is amazing… It has retinol so is incredibly anti-aging (no better ingredient to reduce depth and appearance of wrinkles than retinol)…apply to freshly washed skin, under moisturiser… you can also use with Blue Diamond Concentrate day or night (Blue Diamond first, then Gold Night)…Gold is very anti-inflammatory so it is ideal to heal/repair damaged skin..
  • Night Moisturizerimg-10
    • Rejuvenating Night Cream – the folks at Vanity Fair have been our big supporters of this product and it is one of our top selling moisturizers (my personal favorite,  I use in the day as well)…

 I hope you enjoyed learning all about this unique brand.  I am hooked.

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