Art Love: Fresh Faces Series

I have featured artist Jessica O’Neill before in my Artist Spotlight Series. And I also just so happen to be sitting here with her at The Southern C Summit.

Because I have ADD, while listening to the wonderful speakers I play on the web, I wandered over to her website to see her new works, and to my delight the Fresh Faces series appeared.

“The Fresh Faces series is a collection of abstract faces, a nod to the unformed and yet to be realized peculiarities life can impart. The way we allow our outer form to be perceived due to inner feelings, both positive and insecure. 

My color palettes were derived from nature. Often noted for their fragility and softness, flowers are actually some of the strongest plant species and still shine as they adapt to turbulent surroundings. I believe many women are like flowers, adapting and sharing their glory without self acknowledgement. It is my desire that this collection inspires strength, recognizes a playfulness and joy and helps others see beauty in unique abstraction.”

Y’all gotta jump on these because they are FAB (and extremely well priced)! 










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