Art Love: Brenda Bogart


Brenda Bogart is a favorite from my previous Artist Spotlight Series.  

She currently has a solo show at Charlotte gallery, Anne Neilson Fine Art.

It is not to be missed!

ANFA is proud to announce world-renowned mixed media artist, Brenda Bogart, to the gallery’s roster with her debut solo exhibition, THE QUEENS’ GARDEN. Brenda Bogart is a mixed media collage artist based in Dallas, TX.  Her studio is chock full of boxes of found and collected objects from literally everywhere. She has rescued treasures out of muddy puddles, amassed countless objects on long walks with her husband and dogs, and collected handmade papers from artisans all over the world. Brenda’s favorite haunt is in Paris where she finds hand-lettered antique documents and paper ephemera.  She defines collaging as “painting with paper” and coaxes this chaotic medium into intriguing works of art using her distinct style of color, pattern, and texture.  Brenda holds a degree in Interior Design from TCU and studied painting and drawing at SMU extensively under Mary Vernon and Barnaby Fitzgerald.

For her solo debut at ANFA, Brenda created a brand new collection of pieces that honor the Queen City, lovingly entitled THE QUEENS’ GARDEN.  Two Trees of Life on large wooden panels are flocked with a plethora of playful birds, chipmunks, and squirrels which dance among the branches of these stately arbors. Presiding over the collection are Willow and Magnolia, two life-size Garden Queens frocked in an impressive array of local flora.  The underlying composition of each queen is collaged from French, hand-lettered documents from the 18th and 19th centuries. Set against a backdrop of the palest pink, a flurry of hummingbirds hover around Garden Queen Willow, whose gown is bursting with a bevies of blossoms.  Hidden amongst the layers of her floral skirt, groups of tiny fairy children float on a leaf-hewn boat, swing from a flower stem, and dance gleefully on the petals. You can almost hear them laughing and singing with the joy of Spring! Garden Queen Magnolia is regal, set against a stunning blue floral background.  Her hoops of leaves and corset of stems fasten her ornate dress in an airy, breathless fashion. The flora of her gown has attracted an array of ladybugs and butterflies.

Owls, wrens, cardinals, raccoons, Eastern chipmunks, and a red fox— all inhabitants of the North Carolina forests— complete the collection, with the crowning jewel of a peacock to adorn the gallery walls.  Who doesn’t love a story set in an enchanted forest? From Highlands to Mocksville, Brenda has spent time wandering all over North Carolina.  With a spirit closely tied to nature, she has been deeply inspired to translate whispers of woodland creatures into remarkable mixed media collage, as varied and vibrant as each wooded glen.  Even her personal residence in Dallas is uniquely situated overlooking a large park that is a natural habitat for many of the animals, birds, flowers, and trees found in this collection— especially the owls, cardinals, and raccoons!







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  • March 15, 2022

    franki Parde

    I swoon…this is SO imaginative…& the use of color…well, so beautiful…BRAVO!!! franki

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