Art Love: Dana Bell

I was perusing Uprise Art recently and came across a talent that stopped me in her tracks, Dana Bell.

I am mesmerized by her use of graphic shapes and bold colors.  

Enjoy a look…

Brooklyn, New York-based Dana Bell (b. 1974) investigates the intricate nuances of body language. Working from film stills, Dana selects scenes based on formal configurations of figures against a background. Silhouetting her figures, Dana casts them in vibrant, high-contrast hues that vibrate off of one another in her paintings and laser-cut plexi works. In her complimentary printmaking process featuring debossed and embossed monochromatic figures, Dana highlights the subtlety of each individual’s posture and gesture, drawing attention to the psychological intent (or mis-intent) of characters within a scene.

My work portrays subtle body language, which can be universally unintentional. While gestures may not always be the same from culture to culture, many are familiar with the languages used in classic films.

See more of Dana’s work in various mediums HERE & HERE.

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