Art Love: Denise Regan

Happy Monday from the Nile.  

Today, we boarded the Nour el Nil boat for 5 nights of adventures down the Nile.

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I have more Art Love to share with the fabulous work of Denise Regan

I am an artist who uses traditional tools in my practice of painting. To describe my practice to date, I have been working in the five subject areas of still life, landscape, interiors, geometries, and portraits.  Through the years I have developed my own iconography such as a red horse, white square house, landscape, and the tulip. These familiar subjects are always a part of my artistic dialogue, but through color, pattern and geometry they all have a unique lineage to my paintings. I’m inspired to bring iconographic, nearly primitive images into our contemporary world through my sensitivity to color and composition. This preoccupation is evident in my past bodies of work and in my work from the past several shows through Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, NYC. This work has focused on still life. The paintings feature bold vases with flowers on tables. They are composed from a flat primitive point of view. Color and the relationship of colors to each other are paramount, as well as the paintings compositional structure and patterning.

Check out a few favorites:






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