Art Love: Diana Garrett

I am always on the hunt for new artists.

I am drawn in by the staccatos of color and movement of these beauties. 

 Enjoy a glimpse at the lovely work of Diana Garrett

“If Diana had a personal motto it would be “everything can be a treasure hunt if you try hard enough.” Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Diana was fully trained in the art of the hunt by her mother who would drop all plans at the glimmer of an “Estate Sale Today” sign. Fortunately, this past time led to the ultimate find of a library of art and painting books which sent her in to a rabbit hole of learning about theories, lines, composition, and color that she hasn’t looked back from since. After years of self-study and practice, Diana launched her first collection to the public in fall of 2020. Her first series entitled “The Butterfly Collection” is built upon layers of color, glazers and washes carefully balanced to find the calm in the chaos. Diana names each piece after her favorite inspirational influences from authors to beaches to everyday people in her life that constantly bring her back to awe and wonder. Diana resides in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with her husband Gabe, and her three boys Dixon, Charles, and Henry. If you are in the area and see a girl with paint chips on her hand digging for shells in the beach or through a stack of books in front of the library, please say hello!”

Available through Gregg Irby Gallery and Charleston Artist Collective

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