Art Love: Georgia Beaumont

Happy Art Love Monday!

I am crazy about the recently discovered London artist Georgia Beaumont.

Her organic works are mesmerizing pieces of nature. 

Georgia Beaumont (b.1996) is a UK based painter. Her work explores floral forms – with an acute focus on the plasticity of their structures – her practice is a tool to become more deeply acquainted with the bounds of the botanical world she builds.
The dancing botanical shapes are a celebration of progress, fecundity and the capacity for new life. She regards the natural world as a mirror image of our own inner landscape of thought and emotion. For this reason, observing nature, researching its symbolism and finding solace in its cyclical constancy, is essential to her practice.

The English seasons and the curling structures found in its ubiquitous countryside greenery are an endless and rich reference point, seminal to her paintings. These studies are fused with memories and images in the mind’s eye to create the compositions. The floral forms are supplemented by intuitive brush strokes, transparent veils and contrasting rigid opaque stems. Georgia holds these to be physical manifestations of a kinship to the natural world, as their instinctual, unselfconscious energy echoes nature’s output.

Georgia’s paintings have been exhibited in London, Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City and Sydney and are held in private collections internationally.

She is represented by Uprise Art and Wilder Gallery. 


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