Art Love: Sarah Helser

I am crazy about Sarah Helser’s work in the new show at Hidell Brooks Gallery.

Her work has an etherial otherworldly feel that draws you in.

It is not to be missed. 

sarah helser was born in high point, north carolina in 1980. she spent her formative years on a farm where she enjoyed the beauty and solitude of nature. her childhood and young adulthood has had a major influence on her creativity as an artist. sarah went on to study fine arts at the university of north carolina, greensboro, where she refined her interests by focusing on the figure and the use of alternative mediums.

sarah’s work is meant to express the beauty of the world around her, weaving together both realistic and abstract forms.

“i create each painting in the hope to reshape the familiar into the numinous and magical essence of what it carries. it is the brief glimmering speck of a dream, made permanently tangible before it is lost in the waking hours. joining the realistic with the imagined breathes harmony in the contrast and reshapes and impacts the way we see.”

-sarah helser


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  • May 30, 2023

    franki Parde


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