Art Love: Shawn Huckins

Shawn Huckins was introduced to my by a favorite site The Jealous Curator.

They have the best artist finds and discover creatives from around the globe.

I am enamored with is historical renaissance meets today pieces. 

Via The Jealous Curator..

Historical subject matter meets the contemporary art of texting! These meticulously painted works are the most recent work of Denver based painter Shawn Huckins. I’ve written about Shawn a couple of times over the past ten years, and he just keeps getting better and better!

Here is part of Shawn’s bio:

“In his most notable series to date, ‘The American Revolution Revolution’ and ‘The American ___tier,’ Huckins satirizes social media, asking whether the devolution of language in the face of technological advancement weakens our ability to empathize and connect to one another in a meaningful way. By layering early American portraiture and landscape with text taken directly from the internet, Huckins confronts the priorities of our society in comparison to simpler times. What would George Washington post on Facebook? How would Lewis and Clark communicate their progress westward via Twitter?”

And I can’t help but wonder, where would they have charged their phones? I bet Sacagawea would have helped with that too. Anyway, Shawn has a show opening this Thursday, October 3rd, at Galerie Bessières in France {west of Paris}. Now, if you’re not in Paris at the moment, you can also see his work at the Tucson Museum of Art beginning October 19th, and at the Pulse Art Fair in Miami starting on December 5th. Yep, he’s busy.

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