Art Love: Susan Hable

Happy Monday!

Let’s spice it up with a little Art Love featuring talented Georgia artist, Susan Hable (whom I have featured before HERE.)

Check out a few recent favorites from her diverse body of work in many mediums. 

About Susan Hable


With materiality at its core, Susan Hable’s latest body of work is an exploration of gesture. In combination with fervent investigations of form, texture, and color, the inherent movement present exhibits a fresh physicality; viewers will sense a performative aspect in each sculpture and painting. Employing traditional mediums such as clay and oil, the work is as expressive and alive as their original source, the earth. Hable’s artistic vision for WELLSPRING has investigated, molded, accentuated, and pushed beyond her previous work to share with us a bold new symphony.

A true multi-disciplinary artist, Hable’s hand is demonstrated widely in her approach to each piece. As an active participant connected to lands and cultures rich in the ingenuity of creation, every work appears to reflect a deeper collaboration–somehow shaped both by the artist’s hands as well as by the forces of nature–with clay and oil as the earthy mediums while the resulting forms inspire a conversation.

Sculpted forms are hand-built and unglazed, transformational in their observance of the turbulence of our current world combined with a gentleness of nature. With colors and textures as influenced by Georgia red clay as they are in memories of the dynamic landscapes of Oaxaca, Mexico and Rajasthan, India, there is a quality of movement in each composition that pushes conventional boundaries in their dimensionality. They are strong yet gentle, which begs the question–how can something so solid appear so ephemeral?

This force carries itself boldly into Hable’s paintings as we observe new spaces of inquisitive and fervent composition. Combined again with a powerful materiality and the affinity for vanguard color that is her signature, natural forms dance with abstraction. This is an experience and a journey that is not only hers, but collectively ours.

Hable’s latest body of work presents a sense of action, of progress, and of spirit. Amidst a pandemic, the work sings. It’s a performance of hope.

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