Art Love:Emma Childs at Hidell Brooks Gallery

I need more walls in my life.  

I am always finding new artists that I want to add to my collection.

Enjoy a look at the recent works of Emma Childs available at Hidell Brooks Gallery

I am crazy for the shaped canvases that Emma creates herself as well as her unexpected color palettes. 

emma childs was born and raised in baltimore, maryland and received her bfa in fine arts from the maryland institute college of art. she uses eloquent shapes and thoughtful pops of color to create objects that physically interact with their environment. through her minimalist approach, childs transforms experiences and emotions into simplified form, color, and geometric edges. the results are eye-catching compositions, which tell complicated and interconnected narratives in an accessible way. emma childs’s paintings are layered depictions of existence in the worlds we build around ourselves.

in this current body of work, emma childs has been developing a language of painting that allows her to explore the way we exist in the world we build around us. childs’ work explores moments of chaos and mundanity, freedom and containment, isolation and contact. she is interested in the ability of a work to evoke an energetically emotional response from the viewer as well as creating objects that physically interact with their environment, to walk a line between creating something self-contained as well as reaching outward.”


Aren’t her works amazing?  

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