Art Love: Arno Elias with The Lost Series

My eldest child was in NYC last week for a cool fashion week class and events for NYFW.  

When she had some free time in Soho, she went gallery hopping (proud mama moment.) I am totally captivated by an artist she found that is so good.

Meet Erno Elias and The Lost Series

The “Lost Series” is a crystallization of Arno Elias’ mixed-media techniques and the powerful images he captured during his solo world photographic tour.

The artist presents the medium of hand-painted photography as a means of engaging philosophical disquisitions on culture, humankind, and wildlife inspired by his diverse experience and extensive traveling across various continents. This selection of Elias’ work reflects the artist’s wishes to maintain the cultural originality of the natural world that is or to be “lost” in the wake of globalization and industrialization.

From the faces of the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia to endangered animals in Kenya’s savannah, Elias’ subjects captured spontaneous and serendipitous are portrayed in full-length or three-quarter views, evoking a delicate artificiality. His images with fine detail and rich tonality resonate with a sense of nostalgia and compelling emotion. Incorporating the act of hand painting to build a sense of connection to his subjects, the artist creates multiple layers of narratives, rigorously investigating the most fundamental and intrinsic aspect of human experience, nature and culture.

I need one of these in my life! They are staring straight through my soul.

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