Art That Matters: Render Loyalty x LEWA

I was recently introduced to this photography project that pulls at my heartstrings. What special artwork for your home this would make knowing you are helping protect endangered species. 

“Three out of four of the animal species you’re familiar with — tigers, elephants, and lions — may be extinguished within three human lifetimes.”

Film photographer, conservationist and explorer KT Merry premiered her first-edition photographs debuting her latest project,  Render Loyalty,  in New York City on Thursday, 11/17. With Render Loyalty as well as her heart and soul are among the wild, KT shared art with meaning through exquisite fine art photographs benefitting some of our most threatened species. 

The Lewa Series, a collection of 21 black-and-white fine art images in partnership with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – its vital work protecting threatened wildlife – brought to life the all-white space with never-before-seen images of threatened and endangered species in the wild.

All of the fine art photographic prints, which are available in an array of sizes and options for framing,  will continue to benefit the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a truly unique collaboration that KT hopes will further ignite conversations on how people and threatened species can coexist while also creating an active community in support of saving animals.










Shop Render Loyalty HERE.

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