Artist Spotlight Series: Bailey Schmidt

I am thrilled to share my latest Artist Spotlight Series feature.

Her work is incredibly vibrant and unique.  

Her bold color palette is EVERYTHING.

Enjoy getting to know the talented 

Bailey Schmidt

Charlotte, North Carolina

What is your training?

I like to say I’m half self-taught because I grew up artistic and started to pursue an art degree in college, but didn’t quite follow through. Since then I’ve juggled teaching myself different mediums through online courses and practice. I’ve done graphic design, printmaking for a few years, and now I’ve landed on painting which is by far my favorite.


What inspires you and your designs?

I pull inspiration from a lot of different places, and you really do never know when it’ll strike. It can be anything from a new flower spotted in a neighbor’s yard on a dog walk, or a color combination from the branding of a kombucha in the grocery store. I snap a lot of random pictures with my phone of little things that I later dissect to be like “ok what about that did I find interesting?”

What is your favorite piece?

My favorite piece is typically whichever one I finished most recently, but I have to say ‘Chartreuse Florals’ is probably a standout. It was the first one I did where I really thought “wait, I think I’ve just figured out my style” and started to embrace more bold color and pattern.

How has the your area influenced your work?

I don’t think my work connects that directly to one area specifically because I’ve lived in various places throughout my life. Some of the southern influence from NC and TX is more in your face like my recent crawfish boil painting or my tablescape with biscuits, but I also lived in the Welsh countryside and was born in the Midwest. I think my work draws more from experiences and general interests than a geographic place.


What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

Right now it’s Supperland even though most of what I’ve tried has been from the cocktail menu. That counts right??

What is your favorite cocktail?

If I’m feeling really fancy I get a Last Word, but I typically go for something bourbon based off of a cocktail menu.

How do you balance personal life and work?

My husband is a musician so he and I are both able to work from home in our own studios. As two types of artists, we each go through different phases of creatives bursts and creative ruts. I think we’ve learned to embrace the creative ruts as a time to recharge and not force ideas. I wouldn’t say the balance is as intentional as it maybe should be, but we roll with how we’re feeling on a day to day basis.

Dream trip?

I’ve been desperate to go to Singapore! Honestly I could do a full list of places I want to visit based strictly on their botanical gardens.

Dream commission?

I don’t know that I have a specific dream client, but there are projects I’d be very interested in working on. Collaborating with a wallpaper or fabric designer or having my art featured on an album cover would be very exciting.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

A low-maintenance houseplant in a cool planter. It’s what I would want!

Who is your style icon?

Leanne Ford– both her interior and personal style which is so weird because my home and closet look nothing like hers. I think I have this fantasy of living in a beautiful, textural, neutral space wearing a linen jumpsuit, but then I’m presented with paint samples and opt to paint my living room pink while wearing a floral dress. I guess I’m still figuring it out.

Your favorite up and coming artist?

Patrick Puckett, hands down. His work blows my mind and I just want to live inside one of his paintings.

What is your most treasured possession?

A few years ago my husband and I took a trip to Morocco almost exclusively to buy decor for our house. I have a rug from that trip that kickstarted my intense love of the color pink.

What are you reading?

As I’ve worked on my most recent collection I’ve been browsing a book called “Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom” which is really just a giant picture book of flowers throughout the history of art. Not sure that counts as reading but it’s my current go-to.

What are you listening to?

My husband’s band is working on a new album so basically my world has just been full of listening to him drum along to those songs. I should probably invest in some AirPods.


 What are your favorite blogs / publications?

I love Domino & The Everygirl.


Be sure to follow Bailey on Instagram and her website as well as at Gregg Irby on the Go where she is having a solo show this week in Charlotte.  


Thursday, March 31st from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Gregg Irby Gallery Charlotte Studio
1901 Cassamia Pl, Charlotte, NC

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