Artist Spotlight Series: Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman is my latest crush in the abstract art world.   His work speaks to me as I hope it does you.  Coincidentally, Brian has a solo show opening this Friday in Atlanta at Anne Irwin Fine Art if you are around the ATL go check it out. 

Brian Coleman

Charleston, South Carolina

 Brian Coleman

What is your training? 

I Studied Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina. My favorite pic is me and a 9’x6′ canvas commission for The Lobby of 1250 Broadway, NYC.


What inspires you and your designs?

Music is my main inspiration. What I listen to ranges from Heartless Bastards and Billie Holiday to classical violin and Piano. The sounds of instruments and hearing lyrics helps me tap into present, past and unknown emotion. It is all aspects of life that translates onto the surface. I am always looking at Interior Design, Architecture, textiles, and other artists work as well.


What is your favorite piece? 

I have a few at the moment. All for my upcoming show at Anne Irwin Fine Art. (all pieces are latex, acrylic, pencil, wax oil crayon).

A Flower Grows 30x24

 Butterfly Kisses 60x48

Even Though The Moment Past Me By 36x48

How has your area influenced your work?

Living in Charleston, South Carolina we have many bodies of water. Last year I created a painting titled: Troubles Pass Down By The Sea.


I feel the most at peace in front of the ocean, a place where I can always clear my mind. 


What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?

Pearlz Oyster Bar


and Trattoria Lucca


What is your favorite cocktail?

Craft Beer


How do you balance personal life and work?

When I was working 9-5 then coming home and painting for 4-5 hours I didn’t have much of a personal life. I was OK with that in a way, I am most comfortable in my studio. Although, painting full time since last August I enjoy more quality time with my wife Kristina and the freedom to choose my own hours of the day or night to do what I want.


Dream trip?

There are many places I would love to explore, like the Mediterranean. I have said for awhile now I would like to get an RV and take a couple of months riding around as many states as we could. Just me, Kristina, our pup Casso and Cat Juno along with some canvases. 


Dream commission?

Nothing specific comes to mind at the moment. I just want to continue spreading my emotions, energy and love which are my creations to as many places in this world we live in.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

A Growler or good bottle of wine. 


Who is your style icon?

Anyone who inspires me, it’s not one person alone.


Your favorite up and coming artist?

I enjoy many artists, one that comes to mind is Sue Danielson


What is your most treasured possession?

 My life living as a Full time Artist. Having all the time in the day or night to create has brought me so much freedom. I am learning more about myself as a person and artist day after day. It’s a constant truth that is within the studio.


What are you reading?

Painter as Critic. Patrick Heron: Selected Writings


What are you listening to?

The Tallest Man On Earth


What are your favorite blogs / publications?

Architectural Digest


Please go check out Brian’s website and his huge portfolio.  I had trouble picking a few favorites….












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