Artist Spotlight Series: Brigid Watson

I am excited to introduce you to an artist that is new to Hidell Brooks Gallery.  

I was immediately drawn to her colorful, thick & loose work as soon as I saw them in the gallery a few weeks ago and knew I had to see more.

Enjoy getting to know 

Brigid Watson

Boston, Massachusetts 


What is your training? 

I have a Masters in Painting from NYU/Venice and undergraduate degrees from The School of the Museum of fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University.


What inspires you and your designs?

Specific landscapes, internal and external. The weather, the color outside, places I know, love, fear, remember. 

What is your favorite piece? 

It’s such a difficult question! I’m rarely completely satisfied with my work but I think this turned out pretty well. I try to push myself and to not repeat things I already know how to do. This painting was new for me.


How has the your area influenced your work?

I’m extremely influenced by my environment. I live near the ocean and I spend a lot of time walking along the shoreline. The colors, the horizon line, the boats, the sea gulls… they all effect what I’m doing, as does the climate itself.

What is your favorite restaurant in Boston?

Boston has a lot of wonderful restaurants – I love 9 Park, Cinque Cento, and Sarma in Somerville.


My favorite place right now though for sentimental reasons is a little pizza joint in Boston’s North End called Ernesto’s Pizzeria


What is your favorite cocktail?


I get lot of migraines though so most of the time I drink this:.


How do you balance personal life and work?

 Balance has always been a real struggle for me. I am trying to learn how to work smarter instead of longer hours, but even so I’m  often gone all day and not home til 9:00 or so.  Luckily I have an incredibly supportive partner who not only encourages me, but has a very active role in my career as well. He helps me keep it together.

Dream trip?

I’m fortunate to have already taken many of my dream trips. I went to graduate school in Italy and because of the years I spent there I had the opportunity to travel around Europe some. I’ve also enjoyed Turkey, SE Asia, Morocco, and I’m sure other places I can’t recall at the moment. India is on my short list for future travel and I think Marseille might be about my speed.

Dream commission?

As an avid traveler, I’ve always thought participating in the State Department’s Art in Embassies program would be an honor.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

A little drawing of mine, if the host/ess likes my work. If I’m not sure I take flowers.

Who is your style icon?

Monica Vitti



Actress Monica Vitti w. large flower earring in her mouth which is a bomb as she poses for her role as a spy in the movie thriller Modesty Blaze. (Photo by Stephan C. Archetti/Pix Inc./Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Your favorite up and coming artist?

I think German artist Sabine Tress is really talented.

We’re friends on Facebook and I really like looking at her work a lot.


What is your most treasured possession?

My philosophy towards possessions is this:  Only own those objects that truly bring you enjoyment; the particular coffee cup, the particular chair, the particular carpet. Since I take this to heart everything in my house is dear …family heirlooms, art, books …. picking a favorite is difficult. 

What are you reading?

I recently finished The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham.


Next up: Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter, A Life by Patricia Albers.


What are you listening to?

Is it cheating to say I have really eclectic taste? I’ve been listening to the band Beirut a lot, I listen to Hank Jones and Dizzy Gillespie -they remind my of my Dad.

Also Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Brahms, especially the Hungarian Rhapsodies for violin and piano, not orchestra.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?,,, Vanity Fair


Here is a peek at her portfolio:















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