Artist Spotlight Series: Casey Matthews

I am excited to introduce you to the latest talent in my Artist Spotlight Series, Casey Matthews. I imagine you too will be mesmerized by her etherial works. 


 Casey Matthews

Amelia Island, Florida


What is your training?

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and started taking private art lessons at a very young age. As a child and teenager I was always creating or crafting something. I also have a BFA in Painting & Art History from the University of Alabama.


What inspires you/your work?

I’m inspired by color, how colors interact and react with each other, movement/motion, flow, texture, and organic pattern. I enjoy experimenting with different media, paints, and pigments. Right now I am making paint from crushed gemstones and minerals, as well as from coffee, and plants.

What is your favorite piece?

I can’t limit it to one right now – here are my top 3 (see included images)



How has your area influenced your work?

Well, this is a difficult question. I live on a small barrier island, and while I enjoy the peacefulness, salt air, abundant wildlife and lush greenery, most of my visual inspiration and stimulation come from elsewhere. When I am in NYC I absorb so much; it is almost sensory overload – then I come home and “hole-up” in my studio and let the inspiration unfold. I think that living in this cultural vacuum forces me to appreciate everything more when I am away from home, then I am able to come back and become introspective and really focus on my creativity with clarity and limited interruption. I guess my creativity is a lot like the ocean: with constant ebbs and flows. And while I think of my work as “non-objective” people often tell me they see a strong reference to water: movement, bubbles, and organic cellular creatures – which all could stem from living at the beach.

What is your favorite restaurant on Amelia Island?

I always love to go to “Salt, ” at the Ritz Carlton. They even have a chef’s table in the kitchen – if you are really feeling decadent.

Also Timoti’s is a local fish shack. It is by no means considered “fancy” but they have the freshest local shrimp and catch in the area – hands down.


Favorite cocktail?

A Jalapeño-Ginger Margarita (or some variation thereof)


How do you balance personal life and work?

I don’t. I am sleep deprived and can barely take care of myself. Which is why I have a housekeeper, an accountant, a studio assistant, take naps, and I don’t have children. I go through spurts where I do nothing but paint, then have to quit painting to work on the business end of things, marketing, etc. Then I have to shift gears and do some organizing at my house and nesting. And then I have to go on a vacation and recharge.

What is your dream trip?

My travel list is endless, but right now, my immediate travel goal is to fly in to San Francisco, and also spend time in the surrounding areas (Napa, Palo Alto, Mendocino, etc), drink some wine, go to a spa, do some yoga, dip my toe in the Pacific Ocean, look at a ton of art, then travel up the west coast.


What is your dream commission?

Something very very large or with multi- panels/components and little to no direction or input. A boutique hotel (in a cool city, that also allows small dogs) that will insist that I stay there while I work – would be nice too. It would not hurt to have this project published in all the best design publications either.

What is your favorite hostess gift?

Lemoncello that we made and bottled ourselves a few years ago.


Who is your style icon?

I wish I could hide and live in Jenna Lyons closet and shoe room.


I also watch Carine Roitfeld,

and the Olsen Twins.


I basically admire anyone that looks effortless, and comfortable in their skin, and does not rely on logos and labels for style. I admire people that are fresh, a little edgy, a little quirky, a little messy, yet simultaneously classic, modern, pulled together, and not over done. I also admire people that can pull off mixing high-end couture with inexpensive trends, the classics, and retro/vintage style. Those are my style aspirations, but being an artist, I basically wear a T-shirt and jeans everyday.

Who is your favorite artist?

There are too many to just pick one: I drool over everything Madeline Denaro paints.


I also adore Christina Foard,


and I just recently discovered Cathy Lancaster through Instagram and/or Pinterest.


While they are all different, most have components in their work that I admire and try to achieve myself: They are painterly, organic, lyrical, depict an excavation process (layering and editing), use a bit of pattern, and flow.

What is your most treasured possession?

My 4 ct diamond studs I got for my 40th birthday. I wear them almost every day.


I also have a great sharks tooth collection, and sea glass collection.

What are you reading?

David Busch’s Nikon D800/D800E Guide to Digital SLR Photography


What are you listening to?

The Donnie Darko Soundtrack


What Blogs/Publications do you read?

Honestly, my attention span does not allow for too much blog reading – I’m more of an Instagram kind of girl. I am more visually stimulated, and I like to see what inspires other creative people (interior designers, artists, jewelry designers, fashion editors, etc.) I also read Lonny,  Elle Décor, and Domino Magazines when I have free time. 


Check out a few of Casey’s recent beauties….
















and my personal favorite…



If you are interested in Casey’s work they can be purchased through her gallery representation.

Here are a few of her works I placed in a client’s home through Gregg Irby Fine Art in Atlanta. See Gregg Irby Fine Art stock HERE.




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I hope you enjoyed getting to know this talent.

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