Artist Spotlight Series: Debby Alphin

Happy Monday!

I’m back with a fun new Artist Spotlight Series feature.

This southern talent was introduced to me by the loverly curator at Atlanta Artist Collective.

Enjoy getting to know

Debby Alphin

Atlanta, Georgia

What is your Training?


When our youngest daughter was a senior in high school, I decided to re-invent myself and go back to school to study architecture. In preparing a portfolio for entrance, I was advised to take some art classes. I took every drawing and painting class that the local community college had to offer, sometimes three or four times. It soon became evident that I would rather use a paintbrush instead of a slide rule. So I started painting full-time. Over the years, I have studied with some great artists like Elizabeth Ross, Andy Braitman, Nancy Franke, David Shevlino and Nicholas Wilton in a myriad of workshops and on-line classes.


What Inspires You and Your Design?


So many things. Architecture is still a big influence.  I am drawn to the linear and geometric aspects. I like structure in whatever I am painting.  Graphic shapes and vibrant colors are also a big factor. It is funny, but I usually dress and decorate in a limited palette with a more tailored approach.  I guess painting provides me with the opportunity to nuture my alter-ego.

I love flowers; growing them, picking them, arranging them, giving them. I try to keep a fresh bouquet by our sink continually.  From the time I started painting in 2003, I resisted floral subjects because I thought that they had been overdone.  But in the last few years I finally discovered that the structured/abstract qualities of flowers were just too strong to ignore.

As a mother and now a grandmother the concept of home and family have always been very important to me.  For that reason the house icon as well as every day objects have found their way into my work. I always like to tell a story and my art allows me to that in a highly creative way.


What is your favorite piece?

An earlier piece.  There is something so rhythmic about the repetition.

The Grass Is Always Greener.

This was one of the first pieces I did when I joined the Atlanta Artist Collective.

Come Join Me

How has your area influenced your work?

No particular area has had that much influence on me except the coast.  Maybe it’s being a Pisces, but there is something about the water, sunshine, salt air, causal living and fun times with family and friends that continues to stay with me.


What is your favorite restaurant in Atlanta?

Kyma – their Branzino and lamb pie (the chef beat Bobby Flay with this one) are to die for.

What is your favorite cocktail?

A big, bold, jammy glass of California Zinfandel, like The Prisoner.



How do you balance personal life and work?

 Both my husband and I are retired so we have the luxury of time.

I am so fortunate to be able to paint whenever I want (my studio is downstairs in our house) and still travel, practice yoga (going strong after 20 years) attend grandkids sporting events, shoot sporting clays with my hubby and take care of all the normal stuff!

What is your Dream Trip?

Well, I just took a pretty fabulous birthday trip to St. Barth’s this year, but if I had the opportunity, I would jump on a plane to Corsica or take a Mediterranean cruise to the Greek Isles.

What is your Dream Commission?

In my dreams I would love to do large public mural somewhere. But, in reality thatidea scares me to death.  So I better be careful what I wish for.

Favorite Hostess Gift to Give.

Usually a bottle of my favorite wine or a Diptyque candle (Rose).

Who is your Style Icon

Our two beautiful daughters.  They always try to keep me stylish!!

Your favorite up and coming artist.

Lynne Hamontree

She is much more accomplished than “up and coming”, plus she has been a mentor of mine for years and a fellow artist with the Charleston Artist Collective.  She does such beautiful work and her compositions and palette are impeccable.

What is your most treasured possession?

My gold wedding band.  What better way to remind me of 48 years of an incredible journey.


What are you reading?

I just finished Amor Towles The Lincoln Highway. 

His book, A Gentleman in Moscow, is still my all time favorite.


What are you listening to?

I have Pandora set to either Delbert McClinton’s station, Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt, or 60 Oldies Radio.


What are your favorite blogs/publications 

Well the English Room for sure; can’t miss “Things I Love Thursday.

Galerie Magazine, Milieu and artist Nicholas Wilton’s podcasts and videos each Sunday.


Be sure to follow Debby Alphin on her website, Instagram as well as at Atlanta Artist Collective. 


This piece speaks to me of course! 

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