Artist Spotlight Series: Elaine Burge

I’m excited to introduce you to a long-overdue feature of up Southern talent.

This was to be featured back in September and somehow got lost in email.

Luckily, I connected with Elaine over cocktails at The Southern C Summit.

I know you will LOVE these  colorful works of this creative.

Enjoyed getting to know

Elaine Burge

Riddleville, Georgia 


What is your training? 

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. I also couldn’t resist taking quite a few studio courses in painting and drawing while I was there. I worked over the summers for a muralist from my sophomore year in high school until I was a junior in college. I also painted scenery behind miniature train layouts for around 10 years.


What inspires you and your designs?
Animals and Nature. The urge to make things is pretty irresistible in my world. I am always soaking in the color and textures found in nature, vintage prints/textiles and the animals themselves. 


What is your favorite piece?
‘Waiting on You’ is a piece that I have created for my daughter (she should be here in 13 days!). 


How has the your area influenced your work?
I love the open spaces here. The city that I live in has a population of 273 people. Our neighbors have cows next door. Luverne, our dog, jumps the fence to hang out with them sometimes. The cows aren’t too fond of Verne. I pass goats, horses, chickens and sheep on my way into the studio every day. I stop regularly to harass them and take their pictures. 

What is your favorite restaurant in your area?
We only have two… The Bartow Cafe and Lewis’s Lake. Neither serve alcohol and both serve their food buffet style. Everything at Lewis’s Lake is deep fried. Get ready to share a booth with people that you know and catch up on the latest town news. I cook at home quite a bit!


What is your favorite cocktail?
Vodka and Cranberry


How do you balance personal life and work?
I try to pretend that I have a real 9-5 job and do my best to go into the studio during those hours so that my creative muse will find me ‘at work’. If I’m feeling inspired, I turn on my music and get in the zone. If I’m not, I try to work on the other areas of the business that aren’t as fun/go next door to the thrift store and dig through stuff. I love thrift shopping, gardening and riding around checking out all the wonderful wilderness with my husband. I also like hanging out watching my chickens. 

Dream trip?

Snorkeling in Bora Bora. I have snorkeled through a cave in Greece and it was by far the coolest adventure ever. I felt like I was in a dream. I want to experience something like that again!

Dream commission? 
One with no direction but to have fun…and no deadline… and done on a trip… maybe a collaboration with a few artists that I admire? And we could create more than one and choose which one each artist gets to take home with our eyes closed.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?
Fresh eggs from my flock and sunflowers that my husband planted


Who is your style icon?

Your favorite up and coming artist?
Teil Duncan. I adore the way her mind thinks. Her break down of color is incredible! I could stare forever…. I can tell that she is enjoying the act of creating and I love that. 


What is your most treasured possession?
A 4.5 page love letter from my husband. It’s written on paper torn out of a 5 subject notebook and was given to me on our first anniversary, fitting nicely into the traditional ‘paper’ category. Here is a little post about that tradition.


What are you reading?
I have quite the interesting stack of books on my bedside table… Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman,
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert,


What are you listening to?


What are your favorite blogs / publications?

You can even hire Elaine to do live painting for events…How fun is that? 


A peek at her portfolio…you can see her pieces on her website and for sale at Gregg Irby Gallery.

Please follow her on Instagram too. 

I am completely obsessed with the new headdress and Native American paintings.

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  • February 15, 2017

    LOVE this feature on one of our very favorite people, and talented artists!! We love working with Elaine, and watching every collection unfold and develop. Can’t get enough of The English Room, either 🙂

  • February 15, 2017

    Love this feature! Thank you for including us. We love Elaine!

  • February 18, 2017
  • February 19, 2017

    It was such a treat meeting Elaine @ the Southern C Summit last week! .this is a fabulous display of her talent. and perfectly captures her spirit! Keep in touch and visit us next time you are in Atlanta!

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