Artist Spotlight Series: Elizabeth Mayville

I’m excited to introduce you to another talented artist in my latest Artist Spotlight Series feature.

This ETSY artist is one to watch. She is a darling of the design blogs and won’t stay so accessible forever. I am so fond of her ponytail and bun series. 

Enjoy getting to know…

Elizabeth Mayville

Grand Rapids, Michigan 


What is your training?

I studied fine art at Grand Valley State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree.

What inspires you and your designs?

Doing or seeing something new. My days are pretty repetitive so whenever something pops up outside of my routine it has a big impact.

What is your favorite piece? 


“Lake Michigan Storm”

Before this painting I always felt like I was lousy at landscapes, so I was pretty thrilled to find that I had made one that was worthwhile. 

How has your area influenced your work?

Tough to say! I went to college in Grand Rapids and continued to live and work here once I graduated, so it’s really the only place in which I’ve seriously worked. I would guess that the landscape and the change of seasons figure in somewhere but I’m not sure where. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids?

Be warned: my favorite Grand Rapids restaurant is inherently uncool. There are many exciting places to eat here but my heart belongs to Walker Roadhouse; a medium-sized restaurant in a boring part of town with a pretty average menu. But I love their fish tacos, they have all of my favorite beers, there is hardly ever a wait and no one gives you a look when your kid looses their mind in the dining room. 


What is your favorite cocktail?

I’ve never been much of a cocktail person, but I do like beer! My favorite in the summer is Bell’s Oberon


and in the winter New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk. I feel like I may be coming off as very Midwestern here.


How do you balance personal life and work?

I’m the sort of person who gets really excited about routines and planning out the day hour by hour. So my approach to balancing my personal life and work has to do with sticking to a schedule and recalibrating it as needed. If my family needs more of my attention than usual then I get up earlier to work until things have calmed down. If I have a pressing commission then I spend some more time in my studio. I’m also very committed to not working or answering emails on the weekend.

Dream trip?



Or Maine! Vancouver! California? Honestly I haven’t traveled very far from Michigan these last few years so I would be thrilled to go just about anywhere.

Dream commission?

I’ve been working on a children’s book for a while now and I’m really interested in doing more. If I were able to make books for the rest of my life I’d be pleased as punch. 

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Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Baked goods. Easy to make and nearly universally loved.


Who is your style icon?

Oh man. I have no idea. I’ve never had a clear sense of style and now that I’m at home all day with a two-year old balancing parenting with running a small business there is no style to speak of. Honestly anyone that can make it through the day with out food or barf stains on their clothes seems worthy of worship to me. I aim to raise the bar in the years to come.

Your favorite up and coming artist?

Alan Brown. His paintings are so dark and spooky and nothing like the things I make. I think he’s fantastic.


What is your most treasured possession? 

Outside of my family I would say my book collection. It’s nothing special but I’m really stingy and dislike clutter, so I only purchase books that I really, really love. I also have a few from my parents’ collection that hold a place near to my heart.

What are you reading?

We Need New Names” by NoViolet Bulawayo. It’s for my book club and it’s really well written but I’m having a hard time getting through it. The story is pretty bleak and tough to slog through during a gray Michigan winter.

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What are you listening to?

Podcasts always. Top 3: Stop Podcasting Yourself, Baby Geniuses, and The Right Reasons (now defunct, but not forgotten).


What are your favorite blogs / publications?

My husband and I sold our house last fall and have since moved into a tiny apartment with our toy-hoarding son, a large dog and a moody cat while we wait for a dream house to appear on the market. So right now I’m addicted to architecture and home design blogs/magazines/tv shows/anything. I have no favorites, I just want to see every last bit of information on houses and live vicariously through the homeowners pictured with their endless living spaces and vast backyards.

Enjoy Elizabeth’s portfolio…

























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