Artist Spotlight Series: Erin McIntosh

Erin McIntosh is a favorite artist with a distinct style rising to the top of the artistic talents the are ever growing in the hotbed of creativity that is Athens, Georgia.  Enjoy getting to know Erin and her work. 

athens,  ga

Erin McIntosh

Athens, Georgia 



What is your training?

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. My mother (a painter) nurtured this so she was my first art teacher. I formally studied art for seven years at The University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art earning both a BFA and a MFA in Painting & Drawing.


athens,  ga

What inspires you and your designs?

My eyes are always peeled for interesting compositions and color palettes. A lot of inspiration comes from the design world itself; I love patterns, textiles, fashion, interiors, and architecture. Science is another source, the microscopic world in particular.


 What is your favorite piece? 

 I think my favorite piece is usually something I’ve just made. Like this one titled Coral Beach, 30×30 inches, acrylic on canvas


How has your area influenced your work?

I have lived (mainly) in Athens, GA for the past fifteen years. Living in a place that has character and a rich art / musical culture has been influential since I am surrounded by many creative types. I think the energy that this city provides is highly motivating!


What is your favorite restaurant in Athens?

The National is my absolute favorite place to eat. It always makes for a very special night out!

The National

But you’ll more often find me eating at Big City Bread Cafe. They have a sweet patio, you always run into friends, and I just love their food, particularly a good slice of quiche.


What is your favorite cocktail?

an Italian favorite, Aperol Spritz

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.42.14 PM

but I usually stick to red wine.



How do you balance personal life and work?

This can be challenging. First of all, my work schedule varies depending on the seasons. I teach college part time and so when I am teaching AND painting, it’s super busy and its harder to find balance. But when I am just working in the studio, I have more flexibility. I get a good nights sleep every night (8 hours!), take walks (or a light jog or swim) 5 days a week, and try to eat healthy. Although I work some nights, I try to not work after dinner and spend that time with my boyfriend, Ian.



Dream trip?

My little fantasy trip is to go to a quite little village in the south of France and rent a cottage near the beach with Ian. He is a photographer so while he is out making pictures, I could be painting plein air watercolors (like this one I just made in Venice, 5×7 inches). That would just be awesome.



Dream commission?

To paint something really large for a home with tall ceilings and big open walls, and lots of natural light. That sounds dreamy.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Usually a bottle of wine or flowers.


Who is your style icon?

I find myself really drawn to anything that blogger Traci French finds on Blissful Blog. Most recently, on Bliss Blog, I discovered designer Ulla Johnson

I think that defines my ideal style!


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Ally White 

She is a recent UGA graduate and was featured on the cover of New American Paintings last year. Her work always caught my eye when I saw it around the studios at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. I think she’s got a bright painting future ahead of her!

 white_sprawlWhat is your most treasured possession?  

I don’t really have one.


What are you reading?

My fun summer reading is Harry Potter The Half-Blood Prince



but am also reading The Power of Silence by Graham Turner



and Brilliant Blunders by Mario Livio


What are you listening to?



Radical Face



Iron & Wine





What are your favorite blogs / publications?

There are too many!

For blogs I love The Painter’s Table   

The Artsy Forager 

 Design Milk   

Blissful Blog

 and A Cup of Jo 


For publications I love New American Paintings    


and Dwell 


Exclusively represented by:

See more of her work at Gregg Irby Fine Art or pop by if you are in the Atlanta area to see it in person. We all know art is better in person. 

Here are a few recent beauties my Erin that I pulled off her website























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