Artist Spotlight Series: Gee Gee Collins

I am thrilled to introduce to a talented artist that I have followed for a while on Instagram.  

She is also park of the Original Art Collective that is having terrific pop-up sales on Instagram.

I am a huge fan of her colorful abstracts and faces.

Enjoy getting to know

Gee Gee Collins

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

  Image 4

What is your training?

I attended the College of Charleston


and The University of Georgia where I received a BFA in painting. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Cortona, Italy

What inspires you and your designs?

 I am inspired by the process of creating and COLOR COLOR COLOR!!! I love to experiment and am always looking around the corner for something new to try.

What is your favorite piece?  

A favorite is this large palette painting. This piece is made from my left over palettes collaged together. I used to look down at my palettes and they would be full of leftover paint. Big gooey globs of paint!  So, when I see this painting I see a history of many paintings and marks totally made unintentionally and I like it! 

Image 2

How has the your area influenced your work?

I am originally from Atlanta but have lived in Minneapolis now for the last 13 years. The long winters have actually been benefical for being creative. In the long winter months creating is a great escape from the cold and gray days. You can brighten any day with a pop of color!

What is your favorite restaurant in (your city)?

Currently it is Spoon and Stable @spoonandstable. The pasta Nero is to die for and it has a beautiful wine cellar!

Image 6

What is your favorite cocktail?

In the summer it is the St. Germain Cocktail. St. Germain, Prosecco and Club Soda with a twist of lemon.

Image 5    

How do you balance personal life and work?

I paint when the kids are at school and sometimes b/c my studio is in my house I will run in and put a few marks down and leave after 10 min to run an errand. This having to break has saved me from over working a painting on several occasions.   

Dream trip?

 To go to the south of France and stay a couple of months. When I travel I don’t like to be on any kind of schedule. I would want to set up shop and relax and paint! 

Image 9

Dream commission?

 A collaboration with a fashion house/ designer. I would love to work with Josep Font @josepfont @delpozo. I love his color combinations mixed with modern lines. This piece I have died over a hundred times.   

Image 10

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give? 

Anyone that comes to my house will tell you I am all about a good cheese board. I like to bring wine, some good cheese and LOVE these spreaders. 

Image 7

Who is your style icon? 

 Oh my so many! But, I would have to go with Ralph Lauren. Timeless and classic. I have pieces in my wardrobe from 20 years ago from my mom and they are still great looking and the colors are always spot on!

Image 8

And his home goods (swoon). 

Image 3

Your favorite up and coming artist? 

Well, I love  @Grandpamosesart. This is my daddy who will be 92 and started painting 5 years ago. My mom, Joyce Norwood also paints beautiful boats and children on the beach JOYCE NORWOOD Fine Art.


Also, he is pretty much “up” but I love the work of Carlos Ramirez @carlosramirezstudio


What is your most treasured possession?

My grandmothers jewelry that was passed down to her from her mother who they called Gee Gee. It has her name engraved with the date 1888. 

What are you reading?

 I haven’t read much this year if it hasn’t had pictures!  My attention span has been all of 10 minutes. This summer at the cabin I am determined to read and finish “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy

51ZndGYFeXL._SX313_BO1, 204, 203, 200_

What are you listening to?

I have a mix going on right now with everything from old R. E. M , Prince, Sam Smith to Johnny Cash. 

What are your favorite blogs / publications? 

I am a magazine girl mainly…Food and Wine… I go to bed with it and wonder why at 10:30 I am back down in the kitchen snacking.


Also, for blogs @mimosalaneblog, @tobyreed, @trendland and of course @thenglishroom! ?

Here are my favorite pieces from her portfolio:













2089109w360 electolite whispering-whites field-in-color color-candy

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  • July 18, 2016

    Hey Gee Gee, thank you for the mention, I appreciate that. As you well know I follow your posts as well and am greatly attracted to your intuitive approach to color. I can see that being an antidote to those long Minnesota winters. Keep up the beautiful work and yes a couple of months in the south of France sounds ideal. OH, along with J Font, I would delve into the work of Alexander McQueen, there are some awesome color filled collections from when Lee was still alive.

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