Artist Spotlight Series: Geraldine Neuwirth

I can thank my friends at Hidell Brooks Gallery for introducing me to the next Artist Spotlight Series feature.

This incredible talent is certainly the artist I plan to add to my collection in the near future.

These colorful abstract, layered beauties just speak to me and so many others as her work is becoming highly collected and covetable.

Geraldine Neuwirth

New York, New York


Standing in front of The Color Red it Goes To my Head (work in progress)

What is your training? 

I studied with Martin Lubner for eight years, Artist and Professor at UCLA that opened his own studio where he taught. Also at Otis.


And American University in Washington, but I didn’t get any art training there. 

What inspires you and your designs?

Early years I spent time watching rehearsals….waiting for my dad who worked for Shubert theaters, and “a world within a world” became present to me, and later carried it into a theme connected to the circus as well….representing the stage of life and many aspects existing beneath it.

A vocabulary of forms developed in my process, and I have been working with this language and allowing the freedom of it to explore different ways of building my images.

Other Worldly_Geraldine Neuwirth_51x98

Other Worldly, 2011. Mixed media and collage on paper


Cloud, 2014. Mixed media and collage on paper


Sound Waves, 2014


Circus Set series with color, 2015


Carnival in Pink, 2015

What is your favorite piece? 

one of my all time favorites is Curtain Call, 2011 which I gave to my daughter Irene and is hanging in her home in Venice CA


How has your area influenced your work?

The energy of NYC, having access to so much art, and having the ability to experience so many different types of artistic expression opens up new explorations for me all the time.

 What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Nobu in TriBeca NY. I love sushi!


What is your favorite cocktail?

Martinis and good wine


How do you balance personal life and work?

I spend every day making my art or looking at art. In between I spend time with friends and travel, like going to the beach this summer. This feeds me personally as well as creatively. I have an enormous passion for life itself which I believe is visible in my work.

Dream trip?

My dream trip would include traveling in Europe for six months to a year while developing a body of work for a show there.


Dream commission?

Building a sculptural piece for a public space.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Something that I think they would enjoy. I like giving things that are very personal.

Who is your style icon?

Both my daughters, as they have a personal style that reflects who they are along with tasteful selection of pieces. My daughter Irene who is an incredibly talented and successful jewelry designer is especially influential because she is so involved with the fashion world.


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Milcah Bassel, an installation artist who also does beautiful drawings. 


Milcah Bassel,  Father Tongue (Genesis 1), 2015, handmade paper edition 


Milcah Bassel,  Father Tongue (Mural in progress during residency at Brandeis University), 2015, graphite and Ink on gallery walls.

What is your most treasured possession?

A pendant designed by my daughter Irene that I wear everyday and absolutely love.


What are you reading?

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


Jeff In Venice, Death in Varanasi by Geoff Dyer


The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen


What are you listening to?

I like listening to all types of music depending on my mood and what I’m doing

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

Laura Baker and all art and fashion publications


Here are just a few fabulous pieces from Geraldine’s portfolio

Geraldine_Neuwirth_Ink_Drawing_Series_01_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_18x13_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Ink_Drawing_Series_15_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_18x13_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Ink_Drawing_Series_13_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_18x13_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Ink_Drawing_Series_12_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_18x13_2014 Lotus-Heart-86_x-98__GeraldineNeuwirth Geraldine_Neuwirth_Sound_Waves_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_68x47_2014 Curtain-Call_98_-x-86__GeraldineNeuwirth cloud1SM Balancing-Act Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_Group_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_08_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014-1 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_07_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_06_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_05_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_03_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_02_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 Geraldine_Neuwirth_Square_Series_01_Mixed_Media_With_Collage_On_Paper_36x36_2014 30-x-22 Puppet-Show-37_x-51_sold pink_parade

You can follow Geraldine on Instagram and see more of her incredible work at Hidell Brooks Gallery too. 


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