Artist Spotlight Series: Isabel Brinck

Instagram led me to this latest talent in my Artist Spotlight Series.

This colorful Chilean born artist working in Miami is one to watch. 

Enjoy getting to know

Isabel Brinck

Miami, Florida

What is your training? 

I studied graphic design at the University of Chile. I was very successful in that field for many years. Gradually, graphic design transitioned from a very manual practice, done with physical instruments and such, to a fully computerized art form. Technology offers an array of resources for artists and it was a very exciting time, but it was becoming a little too technical for me. I was missing an expression that was more mine, more organic, more natural. Although I was doing well, I needed a change. That’s what drew me towards painting. It was something that was written for me. For 12 years I worked under the direction of a well-known professional visual artist based in Miami, Jaime Ferrer. I have been doing art full-time since 2000.

What inspires you and your designs?

I appeal to the innocence of my childhood and immerse myself in the freedom that I get from being a girl again, freeing myself from the complexity of the adult world for a moment while I paint.

I like to paint to leave a mark, a testimony of “having been alive”.

The world I show in my work is a world of fantasy. A world that shows those little girls wanting to be grown ups, and those adults longing for the sweet, innocent bliss of childhood again- even if for a brief moment. I am fascinated by contrasting two complete opposites, for example: the childish and the sexual.

 What is your favorite piece? 

I have many favorite pieces, I will talk about one of them.

It’s based on a real moment I lived on 2010. I, of course, exaggerated and interpreted it in a graphic, funny, and ironic way, as I am. The piece is called “Standard”

I was in the Standard Hotel in Miami with my boyfriend, a crazy and funny Cuban guy that was in my life for 2 years. Anyways, he told me to go the spa and get a massage. A very large lady was giving me this amazing oil essences scalp massage inside a metal tub. My eyes were closed, I was so relaxed, enjoying the moment when suddenly I felt the lady grab my chin, moved my face and kissed me passionately. OMG.I thought this lady was completely out of her mind, but then I opened my eyes and, of course, it was him. He was there for a while and changed hands with the lady. He was giving me the scalp massage and I had no idea. That’s the moment that inspired the piece “Standard,” in a way it’s a self portrait.

How has the your area influenced your work?

Miami is sexy, Miami is light, Miami is funny, and crazy. Miami is loud, energetic, electric ,vibrant and colorful. Miami is not shy. Miami is known for its rich heritage and many cultural influences, but not the most cultured people in the world unfortunately. A lot of bad art or art that pretends to be art and is not (like Britto’s) and a lot of superficial, artificial, and plastic people. Good and bad, like all.
What really inspires me though is living in a place full of different colors, and the ever-changing light on the sky that surrounds the entire state, creating a special feeling of freedom. Seeing the ocean often plays a huge role in my life. It’s as a source of inspiration.
Miami most important influence in my art has been that sense of freedom in my soul and the fact that I live in a place surrounded  by amazing nature and colors. I can see 10 different animals in one day and that is shown clearly in my artistic expression.
Besides that, during the first week of December, Miami becomes the global center of the art world every year, and that is very inspirational and has given me a lot of opportunities to grow my career. 
I would like to experience finding inspiration on a different area one day…some place in Europe is my hunch.


What is your favorite restaurant in Miami?

I have many and it really varies depending on the mood I’m in and what cravings I’m having, so it’s hard to say. The last one I tried is a new one called Amara by Paraiso, great place and food with a great chef and delicious plates to share.

What is your favorite cocktail?

Right now my favorite is the Moscow Mule

How do you balance personal life and work?

Balance is one the most important concepts in my life.

My personal life goes hand by hand with my work. I’m an artist even when I’m sleeping and dreaming. Every moment could be an inspiration for my art. I don’t separate them much. Actually, I dont consider myself a 9 to 5 worker ; when I leave my studio I am still thinking of my work. However, I try to balance working with the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of my life by doing a little bit of everything.

Dream trip?

Oh my god, where to even begin…I still need to get to know Buzios, Amsterdam, Bali, Berlin, Oaxaca, Palmas de Mallorca.

I have been in many places and I love travelling and seeing new places. My dream is going on a Europe trip with my 4 kids and show them places I’ve already visited, like Paris, Florence, Rome, Venice, Madrid and Lisbon, and explore new places together.

Dream commission?

A dream commission would be painting a love story for a client that would then will fall in love with me and vice versa.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

There are plenty of creative options out there, There’s something for everyone, too..

Succulents, I think are a huge trend due to their small size andnearly zero-maintenance care.

Who is your style icon?

Frida Kahlo. What a strong woman.She put her emotions into her painting, just as they were. She wore her heart on her canvas.

Your favorite up and coming artist?

 Roberto Matta was one of the best-known painters from Chile

 What is your most treasured possession?

A diamond. Its in my wedding ring.

It belonged to my great grandmother. She was German. She was a countess and fell in love with a Swedish painter that was hired to paint some murals in her castle. They ran away to Chile together in the late 1800’s. She took her jewelry and they were passed down to me, this big and full of story and emotion diamond.

My husband (now, ex) made the wedding ring with this diamond in 1990.

What are you reading?

 The story of Gala, Dali’s wife

What are you listening to?

Buddha Bar

and B Miles

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

“Daily Om” is a great blog for spirituality

About travel, my sister’s blog “


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