Artist Spotlight Series: Jenny Prinn

Jenny Prinn is no doubt a rising star in the abstract art scene.  Her work has been snatched up and showcased by Serena & Lily. They have an amazing selection of originals.  Get to know this creative and her colorful works.
Jenny Prinn’s work is available on her website, and also through Serena and Lily website, the Serena and Lily’s new Design Shop in San Francisco, and at Serena and Lily’s beach Market in the Hamptons.

Jenny is extending her sale an additional week for The English Room readers.

She just listed 14 new pieces for sale…The pieces are a new category -called “Littles”.  They are all original paintings on unframed canvases that are 9×12 and smaller.

 Get shopping friends.  You will certainly not regret adding to your art collection. 

 What is your training? 
I am the daughter of two antiques dealers–so my love and appreciation of art and beautifully designed objects started very young.  I was surrounded by items from all periods and styles–which not only fueled my obsession of art and design–but also its history.  As a child I was always drawing or dabbling in one art form or another–and in high school I loved taking classes at the then-called, Portland School of Art (now called, The Maine College of Art).
I graduated with a degree in Art History and Anthropology from Mount Holyoke College.  And even though I took a fair share of Fine Art classes in college—I would have to say that I am mostly self taught.  Out of college I started my 20+ year career as a photo stylist and I experimented with painting throughout my 20’s.  But I truly became a painter in my early 30’s, before the birth of my sons.  From the moment I picked up a brush in 2001–I knew that this was what I was supposed to do!  
Malyszko/Mount Holyoke Photo
What inspires you and your designs?
I used to think that my art had to be serious, colorless and based on lofty, intellectual ideas.  But none of that nonsense fit me, my personality or my view of the world.  So, I scrapped that ridiculous idea and turn inwards to see what actually made me tick.  Once I was willing to really pay attention to the world around me, and more importantly–my reactions to it—my work changed drastically.  I discovered that almost anything can inspire me–and that I cannot live without color.  Sights, tastes, feelings, memories, and nostalgia all translate into color, shape and line for me.  I journal color combinations, compositions, and juxtapositions that I see or that are from triggered memories.  And from there I transfer those ideas to canvas–I will often work in a series–working through a color story or composition until I feel it needs to rest.  Many times I will revisit the series again–sometimes months later.  I like that every time I revisit the same subject matter I am a new person—bringing with me new experiences and perspectives. And therefore, the series evolves.  I find that exhilarating and real.  
What is your favorite piece?
This is such a difficult question!!!  There are varying aspects (color combinations, compositions, brush work, etc.) that I love in a few different pieces–which makes it so hard for me to choose just one.  So I’m skirting this question by giving the obnoxious, I-can’t-commit-to-just-one answer….by listing five different works. (So sorry!)  Fishbowl 2, From Where I Sit 1, Boulevard, Pushing Indigo 1, and Sapphire.


How has your area influenced your work?
Now that I’m painting full time, I have discovered that my beautiful state of Maine definitely influences me!  I have realized that the Maine summer, with its bright blue skies and its salty, blue Atlantic transfixes me–I am perpetually under its spell.  Summer in Maine is so short and for me it’s all about the crisp blue sky and the ocean with its salty taste, feel and smell, and its glorious bounty.  I also find that I linger on the nostalgia of summer–visions and colors from my youth–melons, strawberries, popsicles, boat rides on Casco Bay, preppy prints, and bright, saturated colors. On the flip side, I have found that the stunning, white, barren landscapes of winter in Maine influence me as well.  Winter brings the migration of a lot of white into my work (surprise!!)–and lots of interesting compositions.  However winter is looooong in Maine.  And as much as I love the much needed pause that winter brings–I grow tired of it.  This past winter was so darn long and so darn cold that I found myself in the depths of January and February needing to rebel against the frozen tundra.  And pop!–tons of bright, almost neon pinks and fuchsias kept creeping into my work until they actually started to take it over!!  I found that I needed that pink everywhere–I was obsessed.  I even started wearing it all the time!  Yet once the promises of spring began to sprout, I found that I naturally shifted to greens and pastels.  
 What is your favorite restaurant in (your city)?
In Portland, (11 miles south of where I live), it is The Blue Spoon.  It’s tiny, but it has amazing food!!  Oh, the flavors–they’re simple and familiar but so deliciously complex!!  It’s located on Munjoy Hill (locally known as “The Hill”)–only a few doors away from where my father (and his father) grew up and where my great grandparents landed when they arrived from Ireland–which makes it wonderfully nostalgic for me.  
In Yarmouth, (the small, coastal town–where I live), it is Gather.  It’s a local ‘farm to table’ hot spot located in a beautiful old Masonic Hall built in the 1800’s.  It is casual, fresh, family friendly, and delicious.  They have a wonderful 16′ long Family Style table down the center of the restaurant–great for meeting up with friends–or making new ones.  And not to mention, they have a fabulous new “Garden Barter” system!!  Where you can turn the overflow of your own garden bounty into restaurant credit!  It doesn’t get much more local or fresh than that!  
What is your favorite cocktail?
Ooooh!  This is a tie.  It’s between a freshly poured Allagash White with an orange slice.  (A locally brewed Belgian Wheat Beer–it’s crisp, refreshing, and a little fruity.)  
And my own homemade ‘Maine Native Strawberry Infused Grey Goose’, mixed with a little sparkling Sicilian Lemonade and Tonic Water.  It is to die for.  It is the grownup version of what summer tastes like.  
How do you balance personal life and work?
I don’t!!!  I am really struggling with this right now–especially since my two young sons are on summer vacation.  I am so torn.  I want to paint, paint, paint–but I also want to spend every available moment with my boys before they start school again!  I love when they’re home with me for the summer–I hate it when they go back to school.  One of my goals for this upcoming year is to try and find a better balance between my work life and my personal life.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!
Dream Trip?
I have severe wanderlust—ask me next week and this answer will be different!  I guess right now, this week, it is Positano, Italy.  The colors, the ocean, the sky, the food…..
Dream Commission?
This is a fun question! It would have to be a huge painting for a color loving, risk taker.  And of course, this color loving, risk taker would be someone who’s home is so fabulous that it is featured in every major design publication—and everyone sees my painting and everyone wants to buy my work!!  Ha!!  I can dream, right?  
Your favorite host/hostess gift to give?
Ugh.  I’m so bad at this.  I always intend to bring something fabulous and thoughtful.  But alas–I’m always last minute and it’s always a bottle of wine!  Bleh.  I’m miserable, boring and SO un-original.  
 Who is your style icon?
I’m kind of an old school New England preppy girl at heart (think 1975’s The Stepford Wives costuming meets Seven Sisters style)–but I love to mix in Bohemian or bold accents and accessories.  I never shy away from a statement piece!  I have always adored Ali MacGraw‘s style—then and now.  She never shied away from using bold accessories–but more times than not, the bones of her outfit were rooted in simple, classic American style–and the accent piece made it her own.  It could be a head dress, a hat, bold jewelry, belts, scarves–you name it.  She knew how to accessorize and how to edit.  Even in her 70’s she is the epitome of style to me.  I hope to age as beautifully, gracefully and stylishly.  
Your favorite up and coming artist?
He’s not up and coming, but I am currently obsessed with Arnout Van Albade.  His work has me mesmerized.  His subject matter, palette, and the fact that he is a realist painter couldn’t be any further from my own personal narrative–but I love his work.  I am not usually drawn to realism–but there is something poetic and nostalgic about his work that has been haunting me recently.  Those color combinations kill me.  
What is your most treasured possession?
My dad’s wedding ring.  He passed away 9 1/2 years ago, and I was very close to him.  (He and my mom started dating at 15–and they would have celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary this past June.)  I keep it on a gold chain and I wear it when I need him close.
What are you reading?
The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin.  It was my absolute favorite book in 5th Grade.  My oldest son is going into the 5th Grade this fall–and he’s reading it for the first time.  So, I’m revisiting it–and I still love it!!
What are you listening to?
This is always an embarrassing question!  (Or rather, my answers are embarrassing!)  Hall and Oates, Boz Scaggs, The Commodores, Journey, Vampire Weekend, and Bread. Yup, this list is for real.
What are your favorite blogs/publications?
I have to be honest–I don’t get a chance to follow any blogs on a regular basis.  But when I have a moment, these are the sites that I adore:
 The Jealous Curator, Domainehome, Emily Henderson, Lonny, and Domino.  And I love my subscriptions to Elle Decor and House Beautiful!  
These are all new pieces…never seen before…I am dying over so many!
Be sure to follow Jenny on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter or check her website for new pieces. 
IMG_8604 IMG_8605 IMG_8607 IMG_8611 IMG_8618 IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8623 IMG_8630 IMG_8634 IMG_8645 IMG_8601a few pieces on the current website sale….
and a few portfolio stars…
Jenny knows color…and speaks to my soul.

I am dreaming of so many but thing Willy from Serena & Lilly should be mine (or yours…)


Be sure to pop over to Jenny’s sale.  She is extending it just for you. 

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