Artist Spotlight Series: Jessica O’Neill

It may be Halloween, the day for Trick or Treat, but rest assured I have a true treat for you.  

I met this lovely and talented artist while I was in Savannah visiting a while back.  She is such a vibrant and dynamic personality I knew I had to share he work. Her work is reflective of her southern climate and lush landscapes. 

Enjoy getting to know

Jessica O’Neill

Savannah, Georgia


Kelli Boyd Photography

What is your training? 

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion from Savannah College of Art and Design, better known as SCAD, The University For Creative Careers. 


What inspires you and your designs?

Inspiration is everywhere! I am lucky to live in the gorgeous setting of Savannah, GA; Lowcountry marshes, slow rising tides, hundred year old oaks cloaked in Spanish moss. With my background in fashion and advertising, I find inspiration in ever-changing fashion and interior design trends. Making something new and fresh out of what once was. Mixing antiques and modern art. I believe you can not make something new without a knowledge of what once was. 

What is your favorite piece?

One of my “spikey foliage” paintings for my very talented friend Monica Lavin of Lavin Label. Monica has beautiful taste and recently renovated her house. I love my piece found such a happy place to call home.


Kelli Boyd Photography

How has the your area influenced your work?

There is a calm and effortless feel to Savannah. I try to bring that refreshing simplicity to my work. Not over thought. Not stuffy. Just easy. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Savannah?

Favorite restaurant is duo of Mirabelle Cafe + The Collins Quarter. Belgian liege waffles at Mirabelle followed by a lavender latte at Collins. Start your day with decadence.





Kelli Boyd Photography

What is your favorite cocktail?

Tito’s and tonic, splash of ginger ale with a lime.


How do you balance personal life and work?

This career was a new chapter when my auto immune disease kept me from returning to my previous career after becoming a mother. Art By O’Neill is a reflection of my personal life, one in the same. I will say though, painting with a toddler around is a bit tricky! However, I’m most inspired when I take walks with GiGi, our curious sixteen month old. Seeing her find wonder in each plant, tree and moment opens my eyes as well.

Dream trip?

Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast or touring Egyptian ruins.


Can I just say world tour? Around the world in eighty days style.

Dream commission?

A piece for SCAD President Paula S. Wallace


or interior design crush Mark D. Sikes.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

I love gifting a set of my Palmetto dinner napkins. The linen-cotton blend feels luxurious and makes them ideal for daily use. Usable gifts are the best.


Kelli Boyd Photography

Who is your style icon?

Anyone 100% authentic to their own style. Iris Apfel. Lauren Santo Domingo. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Ali MacGraw. Jane Birkin.


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Mallory Page. That said I’m not sure how “up and coming” she is as her work is incredible. Back-up artist is daughter GiGi O’Neill, finger painter and performance artist extraordinaire.


Pearls Make Pearls, Mallory Page as interviewed HERE

What is your most treasured possession?

Tough question! I’d have to say either my wedding set, replica bands of my mother’s rings paired with my husband’s family sapphire and diamond ring, OR my great-great grandparents’ painting from Germany. I feel it is a blend of my family’s heritage and my passion for art. Those are two ideals, the importance of family and a love of art, I wish to pass down to my daughter.

What are you reading?

In The Sanctuary of Outcasts: A Memoir” Neil W. White III


What are you listening to?

The ABC’s. Over and over again…(yikes)

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

In addition to The English Room…T Magazine,, La Dolce Vita blog, The Pursuit Of Beauty tumblr, Habitually Chic blog, My Favorite & My Best blog, Lavin Label blog and so many more. 


I nerd out over ALL interior design magazines.


I still love and believe in print media i.e. newspapers i.e. The New York Times and The Washington Post. And then Pinterest is a serious time thief.


Here is a look at Jessica’s portfolio












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