Artist Spotlight Series: Kathy Cousart

I am thrilled to introduce you to another talent from Athens, GA.  This college town is full of creatives that are so supportive of each other.  

I was lucky enough to meet this artist through The Southern C Summit and we immediately connected.  

Enjoy getting to know

Kathy Cousart

Athens, Georgia

What is your training? 

I have always been “creative” and loved playing with color and design.  I started painting about 8 years ago when I began caring for my Mom.   I was lucky enough to build a solid foundation of those all important fundamentals in a special mentoring school with Master Artist James Richards.   I mentored 6 full days a month for 3 1/2 years.   During that time I also took national workshops with amazing artists around the country like Sherrie McGraw trying to build my drawing and painting skills.  I spent every spare moment learning and studying all things Art.   I was always a “loose” painterly painter and have enjoyed pushing past a Traditional Impressionistic style into Abstraction!  

While I would rather spend all my time painting I know how important the business side is also.  My training in that area depends upon a really important resource for me – The Southern C.   I have attended a one day workshop and a 4 day Summit and they were both amazing.  I now have such a community of fellow entrepreneurs that I just love to share and learn with.  


What inspires you and your designs? 


I am always looking at Light and Shadow and how that breaks down into shapes.   It’s how I was trained and how I “see” the world everyday.   It may appear that I paint a lot of subjects but I am actually capturing that sunlight and shadow on just about anything!   I have always loved painting Flowers especially white ones and learned so much painting them from life.  The color shifts in the color white fascinate me to no end.   I think that is why I love painting clouds too!   While I am now focusing more on Abstracts- that still holds true and I am thinking about light/color and shapes as I paint.  My most favorite place to paint is “en plein air” at the Beach catching a Sunrise with my toes in the sand! 


What is your favorite piece? 


“A Day” is one of my favorites in my private collection.   It’s a 40×40 Oil painting that took me a very long time to paint and I learned so many lessons from this very complicated composition.   


 “Random Acts of Kindness” is another favorite as I was really pushing and learning how to go more Abstract in this one.   Those are my Moms shells and she was so happy to lend them to me for the painting.   This is a 36×36 Oil and in my private collection. 


Award Winning painting “The Catcher” is a rare figurative for me and I love how strong the beautiful light and shadow is on her.   The lost and found edges are especially wonderful around her face in shadow.   This is a 36×36 Oil and hanging in my home.   

I have always believed my paintings “go” where they are supposed to go.   Super honored when this “Lily Pad Pastels” painting made it’s way from my Charlotte Gallery up to New York City!   How special is that?! I love working with my Galleries and Designers too!   



How has the your area influenced your work? 


We just moved to an older home in 5 Points with gorgeous gardens surrounding the Carriage House in the back.   We renovated that Carriage House for my Studio and I just love it.   There are french doors and windows on all 4 sides and I am washed with sunlight and all the colors from our Gardens all day long.   I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful place to paint.   



What is your favorite restaurant in Athens?


There are so many amazing places to go in Athens but longtime favorites are Last Resort and DePalmas.  We now live in 5 Points and can walk to several fun spots too like LRGProvisions



and The Royal Peasant!   


What is your favorite cocktail? 


Just discovered a fun new summer drink while at The Masters last week.  It’s called “Azalea” after one of my favorite golf holes to paint!   The drink is Vodka/Lemonade/splash of Grenadine…garnish with fresh orange and maraschino cherries.  




How do you balance personal life and work? 


When I was still working full-time and caring for my Mom it was difficult.  I learned to just get up way earlier and get things done so that I could find that time to paint.  I used to think that painting was my escape from the sadness of caring for my beloved Mom with severe Dementia….I have since learned that painting was a Gift of Peace to myself and that Peace also comes across in my paintings.  Now that I have been painting full time for several years I am finding a bit of a better balance.   I still paint almost everyday but try to have a more normal schedule.  It helps that my Studio is now in the Carriage House out back and I can leave it for the evening.    




 Dream trip? 


I would love to go paint in both Italy and France for a few months and totally soak up the culture.   Painting “en plein air” there would be amazing! 



Dream commission? 


I love to paint for folks and think anytime someone asks me to paint specifically for them it’s a dream come true for me.  Being able to understand and then paint what they are wanting is something I feel honored to be able to do. 



Your favorite host / hostess gift to give? 


A small painting of something special just for them! 




Who is your style icon? 


Eileen Fisher,




Jackie O



Your favorite up and coming artist? 


My first grandson Hagen is a gifted budding artist and I love painting time with him.  I admire his fearless and confident mark making! 





What is your most treasured possession? 


A beautiful big diamond ring that was gifted to me the morning of my wedding.   It was designed by my Aunt and I have worn it ever since.



What are you reading? 


Currently re-reading Alla Prima II by Richard Schmid



and On Becoming A Painter by Robert Johnson




What are you listening to? 


I love to listen to podcasts when I start painting.   I then switch it up depending on what I am painting from Adele




to just about anyone—-love and admire the artistry of good musicians.   

What are your favorite blogs / publications? 


The English Room every morning,  The Southern C each day for wisdom.  Love settling in with Traditional Home and Southern Living magazines along with American Art Collector.  



Take a look at Kathy’s diverse portfolio…














My personal favorite is of course the airstream…













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  • August 8, 2017

    Love reading your blog every morning!! So excited to be a small part of your fabulous world! Thank you! xo Kathy

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