Artist Spotlight Series: Kim Hassold

I was lucky enough to get to know this vivacious creative this year at The Southern C

Her spunk shows in her colorful and fun art.

Enjoy getting to know

Kim Hassold

Greenville, South Carolina

What is your training? 

I have a Journalism degree and have spent a lot of my career as a writer and now editor of TALK magazine here in Greenville, SC. I have always loved anything creative.

Several years ago, I went on a last minute art workshop weekend with some friends when someone dropped out. The instructor was Alice Williams, an accomplished artist who was living in Atlanta. Her style was loose, colorful, and expressionistic. We connected immediately and she remains a mentor and friend. That was the beginning of my art career.

What inspires you and your designs?

I LOVE color so that’s usually my first inspiration when starting a new painting. I also have addictions to both flowers and fashion, so a lot of florals and figures show up in my work. Sometimes I try to paint neutral paintings, but I always feel as if they are a little sad and end up with some hot pink somewhere.

What is your favorite piece?

I think I would have to say it’s a reclining figurative piece I have hanging in my living room. I actually did one very early on just like it, then did this one years later. I have them both. The colors and attitude of the second painting say everything about my style.


How has your area influenced your work?

We southerners love to tell a good story, and most don’t believe that one should let the truth get in the way of doing just that. It’s my life’s work to communicate, whether through words or a paintbrush. Both are really just one person’s version of the story.


What is your favorite restaurant in your city?

I have a huge sweet tooth, so keep that in mind. Brick Street Café is known for their cakes, and the sweet potato one has cream cheese icing. Sometimes I dream about it.

(Linked Recipe)


What is your favorite cocktail?

I am basically a Chardonnay girl, but recently was introduced to a Paloma when I found out tequila is low carb. Let’s just say I haven’t lost any weight yet.


How do you balance personal life and work?

I have a really big family and will drop anything to be with them. Fortunately, I am a very early riser and I get so much done before anyone else even gets up. I paint every single chance I get.


What is your dream trip?

I am dying to rent a villa in Italy for a month.  I would take an art workshop for one week, a cooking class the next, and then have some family time with lots of eating and good wine.

What is your dream commission?

I would kill to do a painting of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter. I even have the one I want to do saved on my phone just in case she calls.

What is your favorite hostess gift to give?

I usually take wine, but if it’s the right season some flowers from my yard or in the summer, tomato pie. My husband is a fantastic gardener, and likes a good pie.

Who is your style icon?

Rosie Huntington-Wheatley, Molly Sims, Gisele Bundchen. Mostly leggy blondes in maxis.

Your favorite artist?

Mary Ann Forehand is an abstract artist with the most beautiful colors.

Christy Kinard does mixed media florals that are fascinating.

Both are just as nice as their work.


What are you listening to?

Audible! I listen to so many thrillers and throw in an occasional biography. It makes me so nervous if I don’t have the next one lined up. I really should do a book list for artists.

What are your favorite blogs, publications?

My favorite blogs are Second Life, Bad on Paper, Be There in Five (she makes me laugh out loud), Armchair Expert and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

Favorite pubs?

House Beautiful

and of course TALK Greenville.

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