Artist Spotlight Series: Linda Colletta

Meet the latest talent in my Artist Spotlight Series…



What is your training?

Both my parents were painters so as far back as I can remember, I was painting and knew I would livemy life as an artist.  I studied Fine Art at Parsons School of Design and started my career as a scenic painter, painting backdrops for MTV and VH1.I wound upspecializingin designing sets for live-televised music performances and worked with many of my hero’s like Pearl Jam, Coldplay and Dave Mathews. Working as a scenic artist and set designer in the fast paced and competitive entertainment industry was probably some of the best training I ever had.


What inspires you and your designs?

Color first and foremost.
I love color, all colors, although I am usually obsessed with a particular color-combo for weeks at a time, currently it’s “creamsicle” orange and “blush” pink but just about any shade of blue makes me very happy.
I am also deeplyinspiredknowing that I am creating art for someone’s home. I make art for the pure sake of adding beauty to someone’s life. I love to brighten people’s lives and homes with happy, fresh, captivating art.

What is your favorite piece? pictures if possible…

Right now I am in love with “Ice Cream and Ferris Wheels” and secretly hope no one buys it! But it changes often and usually my favorites are my newest pieces.


“Solid Ground”



“Aglow I & II”
 20″x20″ each


“Time & Again” 20″x20″


“Mountain Mountain” 16″x20″

How has your area influenced your work?

I live in a pretty little New England town full of lush forests and beautiful gardens, which I think has given my work a softer, more refined feeling. When I lived in NYC, my work was grungier and graffiti was a big influence. Here is an older piece from that time, “Birds and The Bee’s”



What is your favorite restaurant in (your city)?

Well, I’d have to say best friend Marnie’s house & cooking. A group of my best friends and I have dinner together almost every Friday night at Marnie’s and Nothing beats it, sorry. But if it has to be a restaurant I’d have to say Luc’s Cafe, the lamb chops are crazy!!


What is your favorite cocktail?

Dirty Martini. Tanqueray Gin. Very very dirty. Extra olives.


How do you balance personal life and work?

Well, my work feels like my personal life, and I love my “job” so it’s pretty easy to feel balanced and happy when you are living your dream.  How to not feel overwhelmed is another story…for this I have a practice of always writing everything down, I never try to remember anything, I just write it down on my master list and each day I do what I can on the list. Keeping it all on paper and out of my head keeps me feeling very grounded and peaceful.

Dream trip?

Benevento, Italy where my fathers family is from. 

And back to Paris please, ah Paris.

Dream commission?

I’d have to say the Metropolitan Opera House. Since I was a little girl I’ve gazed at those two massive Chagall paintings and dreamt of creating something so powerful, public and captivating.


Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Inspiration Cards. There are these auspicious little card sets that I love from an ashram in upstate NY, I’ve spent many days meditating there. Each card has a single poignant word on that back. The words are an intention or an inspiration for the day or an answer to a question in your mind. They are magic and special. I love giving meaningful gifts like this.

Who is your style icon?

Well Buzzfeed says Stevie Nicks, and I guess if have to agree!

streetstyle-stevie nicks  14_0
But I also love Angelina Jolie  


and Julia Roberts style.


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Michelle Armas.


Britt Bass.


Claire Desjardins.


Galen Chaney.


Therese Murdza.

Georgina Vinsun

All of these wonderful female artists have been my teachers and mentors, although we’ve never actually met or spoken. I watch their process and paintings evolve through their blogs and Instagram, and it teaches me so much. I would love to meet them all some day!

What is your most treasured possession?

My son, my husband and a little painting my dad gave me when I was 15.

What are you reading?

Um. I don’t exactly love to read. I’m more of a picture book kind of gal.
That said, the last book I actually “read” was a yoga book called The Art of Attention by my dear friends, Elena Brower & Erica Jago — not exactly a full-fledge “book” but the message was transformative and the imagery, stunning!! 

What are you listening to?

Patty Griffin.


Martin Sexton. Florence and the Machine. Gomez. Iron and Wine. And MC Yogi never gets old.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

Well, like I said, not a big reader, Tumblr is my go to for art blogs:

And I actually read or cut pictures out of these:
Surface Magazine, Wallpaper
Vogue of course.
LUXE, Elle Decor, Interior Design, New England Home 

here are a few of my favorites by Linda…





Strawberry patches








Go to Linda’s website for much more…

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