Artist Spotlight Series: Mary Matson

It is perfect timing to introduce you to a LA artist as I head to LALA Land for Legends of La Cienega

You may recognize the work of this talented lady as she is a star among the big and small brands alike.

Enjoy getting to know

Mary Matson

Los Angeles, California 

MM_Mexico City

What is your training?
I studied painting @ the Maryland Institute College of Art & received a MFA from Boston University also in painting. I always loved art & design. I grew up outside of DC in a town called Reston. I visited moved & travels a lot.
Art and design where a big part of my life early on.
I made the natural transition from painting to illustration & design over the years & in-between worked in kitchens as a pastry cook. It’s a mixed up resume but somehow kitchen life & studio life seemed too merge naturally. I am also proud of my work I did at kate spade. I meet wonderful people that have influenced my life and the direction it turned.
What inspires you and your designs?
Nature. Everyday life. 
I moved from NYC to LA  2 years ago. It is so different. I am so inspiring – all the new textures and color combinations are influencing me in ways I could have never imagined unless I experience it. 

 MM_Crystal Cove

MM_Redondo Beach

MM_Antelope Valley

 MM_Palos Verde

 MM_Manhatten Beach

What is your favorite piece?

Well,  that’s tough but I like this painting I did when I first got here.
MM_Yardwork_fav painting
I have found i can work more freely here in California.
I have the space and things seem less precious here.
mm_collection of rocks
How has the your area influenced your work?
Light. Color. & the plant variety out here in California.
MM_jousha tree
What is your favorite restaurants in LA?
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.26.13 PM
I cook a lot too. The farmers market is amazing out here.

& have been exploring cooking more Mexican and Vietnamese food, here at home.

What is your favorite cocktail?

How do you balance personal life and work?
I’ve got a nice balance & I feel very blessed. I have a studio, now & can swim outdoors year round. 
Dream trip?
I absolutely love Italy. I would love to return back to Sicily. I would also love to visit Japan!
Dream commission? 
I would love to work with Marimekko. That would be a dream.  
Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?
Depending of the seasons a nice bowl w/ lemons or citrus is fun too.
She has wonderful things too for hostess gifts.
Who is your style icon?
 Lauren Hutton, David Hockney Fran Lebowitz. Classic Smart Funny. 
6412140947_d82e0ef5d9 fran-cig
My buddy and friend Mister Mort always influence me. he loves uniforms and studies style that influences me greatly. 
Your favorite up and coming artist?
Jason Polan. I love his work. His project “to draw everyone in NYC” is ambitious, funny & impossible. It’s a project that doesn’t exclude anyone. it brings folks together & he’s a cool dude, too.
5938. Paul Graham on Park Avenue 5-4-2017
What is your most treasured possession?
I love my rocks that I have painted over the past 2 years. It’s a growing collection of souvenirs and doodles and represent visit to the beach.
What are you reading?
My New Yorker’s are piling up! I always enjoy reading what’s going on and try to keep up.
My favorite book is Patti Smith. Fearless!  I adore her & the book which  I re-read recently. It’s is so poetic & beautiful & a true testament to friendship.
What are you listening to?
Erykah Badu She is my favorite musical artist.. I love the Beatles and have music on constantly when I am working. My heat beats for house music. Paradise garage vibes.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?
i love magazines. 
Favorite instagram accounts?
Here is a look at Mary’s portfolio that has illustrations and art for big brands like Kate Spade, J.Crew, Conde Nast Traveler, Sea, Chance and many more. 
Be sure to follow Mary on her website and her shop.
MM_ART_PINK+POPPERS   Chance-cars-in-motion MM_BIG+HUG MM_ART_CAR+GRAM  MM-good-vibrations MM_Chance_Sun MM_Sicily_landscape MM_Socks MM_Sicily_olive+garden+dog MM_Sicily_veggies+2 MM_Sicily_fig+trees MM_Chance_Sea MM_JCREW_EllaMonkeys_850h JCREW-Monkey-3 KS+illustration_sun MM_KS_Peacock+Bag KS+illustration+_smile MM_CNT_A+to+Z+of+Cruise+3 MM_Chuckle+Wind_self+portrait MM_CHANCE_CALIPlants_850h MM_CHANCE_CALIClothingLine_850h MM_CHANCE_CALISunbathers_850h MM_CNT_A+to+Z+of+Cruise+1 MM_JCREW_EllaInognito_850h MM_JCREW_EllaCaravan_850h MM_JCREW_EllaSK8_850h

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  • May 9, 2017

    Best artist series yet!! Mary’s work is exuberant/ Matisse like/ wonderful. Thank you for the introduction.

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