Artist Spotlight Series: Page Jones Davis

I knew I was going to love the work of Page Davis after having multiple other artists mention her as their favorite artist on the rise.  When my pals at Hidell Brooks told me she would be included in the “Women in Abstract” show I recognized it was time to spotlight this great artistic talent.

Page Jones Davis

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Page 2

What is your training?

 BFA from University of South Carolina,


MA from Savannah Collage of Art and Design

What inspires you and your designs?

 I am inspired by line, texture, color relationships…

What is your favorite piece? 

photo 2

 ”Floating by Day” is my spunky favorite right now and


“quiet out” is my poised fav right now ..different  attitudes altogether

How has the your area influenced your work?

 Growing up in the south has made me keenly aware of the expectations and subtleties of manner and grace when it comes to being a woman…. I don’t mind being southern gal but I like to paint large and sometimes loud

 What is your favorite restaurant in Spatanburg?


 The Nu Way ! its really a dive bar but has the best burger in town and an ‘everyone’s welcome” appeal

What is your favorite cocktail?


vodka martini ..makes me feel so grown up


How do you balance personal life and work?

Very haphazardly but somehow it works


 Dream trip?


I once heard of a little house on the top of a Swiss mountain that you can only access by a chairlift and I d love to go there with a great book, a good man, and a bottle of vodka.


 Dream commission?

One in which I can paint whatever I am inclined to paint for that particular space….


 Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

 A small painting

Who is your style icon?


Frida Kahlo..she always knew how to dress like a woman but act like a bad-ass… no matter what she was faced with!


Your favorite up and coming artist?

Walker MAP for 2014,  2013,  acrylic canvas,  73 x 64.5.,  $6200jpg

Katie Walker of Greenville SC


 What is your most treasured possession?

I have a couple of really interesting pieces of jewelry that belonged to my great grandmother that I really adore.


What are you reading? 


A super quirky funny read…Where’d you go Bernadette? , by Maria Semple…suggested to me by friend and southern author, Michel Stone


What are you listening to?


Dr Dog seems to be stuck in my cd player…Also listening to jack white,  


beck , lana del Ray , broken bells radio on pandora and Jason Isbell radio on pandora


What are your favorite blogs / publications?


Domino mag,


Garden and Gun,

and I’m an architechtural mag (pick one) junkie I’m not really a blog that bad?


Check out some of the beauties from Page’s portfolio.  I am in awe…






photo 3



See much more on Page’s website...

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