Artist Spotlight Series Review:2019

Another year has raced by, come to a close and I forgot to do my Artist Spotlight Series Review for 2019!

This is always one of my favorite posts of the year recapping all of the Artist Spotlight Series features. I once again discover the artists that I have featured throughout the year and their wonderful works. If you have not done so before, this is a wonderful time to spend perusing different artist portfolios.

I suggest starting at the beginning with:

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 and for 2019…

Artist Spotlight Series: Amanda Petro

Artist Spotlight Series: Herb Williams

Artist Spotlight Series: Kit Porter

Artist Spotlight Series: Kristle Studio

Artist Spotlight Series: Carlyle Wolfe

Artist Spotlight Series: Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Artist Spotlight Series: Trudi Norris

Artist Spotlight Series: Swantribune

Artist Spotlight Series: Lisa Zager

Artist Spotlight Series: Terry Ekasala

Artist Spotlight Series : Erica Kane Fink

I will be back with this series most Mondays…I promise to be better in 2020.

Bad News is I found more Artists reviews in my “Drafts” folder I never shared.  

Apologies to those artists are due. 

Also, please send me submissions and names of artist to share.  I appreciate any tips. 

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