Artist Spotlight Series: Ronni Nicole

Susan Brinson of House of Brinson introduced me to the exquisite work of this latest Artist Spotlight Series Feature.  

It am calmly chic and subtle with an organically original.

Enjoy getting to know. 

Ronni Nicole

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is your training? 

I’m self-trained.  I’ve always loved and appreciated the details of flowers so it’s been a long search for me to find a way to expose their incredible beauty. I’ve drawn, painted, pressed, preserved, you name it I’ve done it when it comes to flowers and art.  I knew that if I kept at it I would eventually find my “thing”. About two years ago, I found myself in the Barnes Museum and saw a large metal relief.  At the very corner of there was a simple floral design that caught my eye.  It was like a light switch came on and I knew at that moment relief making was the key.  After weeks of research, I decided to just plunge in and start pressing flowers into clay. Relief making was all about the mold and I would need to figure that out before anything else.  I pressed every flower I could get my hands on.  I didn’t care about design I just wanted to know how different flowers would be captured when pressed into clay. Figuring out the perfect plaster and concrete formula was my next big task.  Even now, if the piece has a lot of details I have to play around with the mix if I want every little subtle part of the flower to show up. Let just say it’s been a nonstop learning process since the day I walked out of the Barnes Museum.



What inspires you and your designs?

It started off with me just being inspired by nature, but as I’ve grown as an artist I feel I’m inspired by everything I see. Sometimes it’s the paint color on a wall, an Instagram home decor picture, or a blouse that has floral details.  I’m always thinking to myself how can I create that feeling in one of my pieces.  Other times it’s the curve of a branch or the simplicity of its petals.  The world is a beautiful place and inspiration is all around us.


What is your favorite piece? 


Honestly, I love them all. Even my mistakes I cherish.  If I had a large house or a loft with an endless amount of wall space I would just hang them everywhere.  That would also mean I would never sell them. They are like my babies.  It can be very hard to depart from them sometimes.  



How has the your area influenced your work?

I live in a fantastic city.  Philadelphia is such a great place to take my dog for a nice long stroll. The hubby and I love long walks, especially in the Spring and the Summer.  It’s great because Philadelphians love to show off their floral window boxes and lush gardens. For me, there is an unlimited amount of inspirations.  I often find myself knocking on someone’s door when I come across a gorgeous garden that I can’t walk away from. The best part is everyone is so happy to open their home and garden to me when I tell them what I do with flowers.  I’m often provided an entire home and garden tour.  They always send me off with more flowers than I can press.  It truly is the city of brotherly love.

What is your favorite restaurant in Philly?


That’s a tough one.  The restaurant scene here is top notch.  If I had to pick one I would say, Morimoto.  I used to work there as a hostess, I met my hubby there, and I love love love sushi.  And who doesn’t love all things, Stephen Starr.  


What is your favorite cocktail?


My absolute favorite cocktail is a Manhattan with a few Luxardo cherries.


How do you balance personal life and work?


I think I’m just starting to figure that out.  I find that I’m not the best at being an artist and a business person at the same time.  So to make it easier on myself, I leave the business work for a designated two days out of the week. And if I’m in the middle of a big commission I have an unavailable at this time email that automatically responds.  When I’m creating I can’t have the distraction of business matters in the way.  I owe it to my clients to give their piece my undivided attention. It’s one or the other for me.  I don’t like to mix them. It may not be the best way, but for now, it works and my clients are very understanding.  I’m committed to the project I’m working on, and my clients appreciate that.

Dream trip?

I would love to go somewhere like Hawaii.  Laying on the beach and enjoying the sounds of the ocean would be a dream.

Dream commission?

I love this question. I think about it all the time.  I would love to travel somewhere like Japan, Australia, or anywhere exotic and make a collection using their native flowers.  I also would love to do a full wall of my pieces. Maybe a hotel or a restaurant. I love when they are all hung together.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Wine of course.  My husband is a wine consultant so bringing a good bottle of wine is basically expected from us.  

Who is your style icon?

It’s not often I put any effort into my look. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Honestly, I’m just not that trendy. I don’t wear makeup (unless chapstick counts) and I only dress up if the occasion calls for it.  My look usually entails my rolling out of bed and putting on a button-down with some jeans or a summer dress during warmer months. If I had to pick someone I would say Jane Birkin.  I’m such a fan of her simple carefree outfits.

Your favorite up and coming artist?

Since starting my journey I’ve surrounded myself with some really talented ladies.  Here are a few…

Fleur Woods @fleurwoodsart

Marina Dunbar @marina_dunbar_art

Bracken Sansbury @studiobrackenart

Amber Morgan @heyambermorgan

Mia Carameros @miacarameros

These ladies are the best and keep me motivated.

What is your most treasured possession?

My thoughts. I’m constantly jotting down ideas in notebooks.  I have dozens of them.  

What are you reading?

Rupi Kaur “Milk and Honey”

and “The Sun and Her Flowers”

What are you listening to?

I have a few artists that I’m loving at the moment.  Maggie Rogers, Raveena, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

What are your favorite blogs/publications?

House of Brinson   

Design Sponge  


Mater Mea C

Check out some of her beautiful portfolio, shop and be sure to follow her on Instagram


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