Artist Spotlight Series: Sally Threlkeld

I am excited to introduce you to a southern talent whose work has evolved through this weird year.  

I love her latest “Social Distancing” works that feel modern while reminiscent of previous eras.

Enjoy getting to know

Sally Threlkeld

Birmingham, Alabama

What is your training?

I am a self taught artist with no formal training in the arts. I graduated with a degree in nursing. After a 30 year career as a nurse, I decided to follow my passion. I started a design business which naturally led to my career as a professional artist. I have attended several workshops and read extensively on the fundamentals of composition, color concepts, and movement. 

What inspires you and your designs?

I am inspired daily! All it takes is a great looking outfit on someone, interior design, architecture, and of course nature, which is constantly changing. Color also gets my heart rate up!

What is your favorite piece? pictures if possible…

My favorite piece has been in my most recent series, “Social Distancing”. It’s very outside the box for me, but I love mixing traditional  with mid century modern. Love the juxtaposition!

How has the your area influenced your work?

 Birmingham has gotten a bad rap. The city is exploding with creatives! The art, music, and restaurant scene is insane. I am so grateful to be in the same city with all of these highly talented people. They inspire me daily. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Birmingham?

My favorite restaurant in Birmingham is Bottega, owned by  Chef Frank Stiff. Gian Marcos in Homewood is my 2nd fav. Delicious authentic Italian food. 

What is your favorite cocktail?

My favorite cocktail is a “Pardis Margarita “from Bottega. My stop sign does not go up when I’m drinking these! So fresh and delicious!! Google it!

How do you balance personal life and work?

Gosh, does anyone have balance these days??!?! I do try to stick to my routine as much as possible. Every morning I am quiet for about 15 minutes, and I work out most days. My studio time is most afternoons 1:00pm -5:30pm. This routine keeps me grounded and present. 

Dream trip?

My dream trip is to return to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I would love to stay for about 6 weeks and totally immerse myself into the culture. 

Dream commission?

My dream commission would be a HUGH “Social Distancing” in the lobby of a world class hotel. Size would be 8’ x10’. Woohooooo! Can’t wait to get started on this dream job!

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

My favorite host/hostess gift is an orchid. It’s my favorite flower and is beautiful anywhere. Simple elegance. 

Who is your style icon?

Hmmmm, who is my favorite style icon???? Need to think on that one. My daughters do inspire me. I do love fashion and I try to keep my look current. I am usually in black, cream, or green. No patterns!!! They eat me up!

Your favorite up and coming artist?

I love so many artists these days! It’s too hard to choose only one. I do love Picasso, Basquiat, Kline, Cy Twombly, and Matisse

What is your most treasured possession?

I really don’t have any treasured possessions! I am not sentimental about things, just people and animals.

I do have a new favorite item that I just bought….A PRELIT ARTiFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE!  This thing is LIT! I’m obsessed!

What are you reading?

My current book on my nightstand is White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

What are you listening to?

My current music obsession is St Paul and The Broken Bones. Also digging Tedeschi Trucks. 

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

My favorite publications are Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, Vogue, House Beautiful, Vanity Fair.

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