Artist Spotlight Series: Taelor Fisher

I am so excited to share my latest Artist Spotlight Series feature.

This talented southern artist work is fresh and light.

It has a distinct look for which  she is know.

Enjoy getting to know 

Taelor Fisher

Dallas, Texas

Photography by Kate Iwanski

What is your training? 

I originally attended New York University studying Technical Theater Design, and transferred to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX going into my junior year. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Art History and Studio Art.


What inspires you and your designs?

The current focus of my work explores the idea of how we curate “natural moments” in our homes. My previous bodies of work have focused on abstract concepts associated with the flower and how we experience them outdoors. So, this next collection is a study of botanicals indoors. I am using architectural lines to create the idea of space, while partnering them with organic shapes and patterns to break apart the concepts of décor, how we arrange our spaces, and how we place fresh botanicals in our own personal space.


What is your favorite piece?

My favorite piece always tends to be the painting that I have just finished.

So, the piece “Let’s Pretend That This Is My View” (48×48, Oil and Natural Pigment on Canvas) would have to be my favorite right now. In this piece, I am capturing the spirit of a well curated, botanical filled room. I love how the patterns, shapes, negative space, and illustrations play off of each other. The opaque geometric shapes represent pieces of a room or space that are non-botanical. So, those could be anything from a couch, to a table, to a window. I also am quite fond of this bright blue right now.

How has the your area influenced your work?

Although a city in Texas, Dallas is very urban. It has taken me years to understand that my work has basically been a subconscious effort for me to surround myself with nature. I am really interested in where my work has moved because it is more of a snapshot of what my life is surrounded by and the industry that I work in. So, in fact, this is the most “me” that my work has ever been!

What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas?

         Dallas has great restaurants. I feel so behind when it comes to trying the newest and best places, but my go-to spot in Dallas for a cocktail or an excellent dinner is R+D Kitchen. I also recently tried Paradiso in the Bishop Arts District, paired with a cocktail at The Botanist before. It was LOVELY.

What is your favorite cocktail?

The only cocktail I drink is a Grey Goose Dirty Martini (extra dirty) 

How do you balance personal life and work?

You make it work. I feel like every working mother understands the balance game, or at least attempts to achieve some kind of balance. I have learned that balance is different for everyone, and you have to listen to yourself, rather than compare to other friends or fellow entrepreneurs. This is my year of “I don’t have to do it all”.

I am in the studio 2-3 days a week, and then try to fit in some painting time on the weekends. My husband has been a huge supporter of my career, so as a team we get creative with our time.

Dream trip?

Melbourne, Australia. I have started to become a fan of quite a few artists out of Melbourne, so I am just itching to get myself over there!

Dream commission?

Lela Rose. I am a huge fan of her designs, and am equally a floral enthusiast. So, if I could create a piece inspired by or based off of one of her collections to hang in her home or offices, I would be a very happy artist.

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

Flowers! You can never go wrong with a fresh arrangement. Take it up a notch and arrange it yourself. Trader Joe’s has gorgeous flowers at a great price. You can also find adorable vases all the over the place.

Who is your style icon?

I am currently obsessing over everything Victoria Beckham. The color palette from her Autumn/Winter Collection has inspired a few new colors in my paintings. I admire the simplicity in her style.

Your favorite up and coming artist?

Hands down Marcy Cook (will be featured soon). Marcy is also a floral enthusiast and creates these STUNNING collage arrangements. We curated our own show together in December, Botanicals Interpreted. It was such a fun time, and I became a huge fan of her work. Marcy and I will also have a show together at Liz Lidgett Gallery in Des Moines in April.

What is your most treasured possession?

This is a tough one because I’ve never been too attached to material things – or I guess I get paint on anything that I own EVER, so I try not to get attached. But I just recently splurged and purchased my first pair of Rebecca De Ravenel earrings, and I am IN LOVE. Those earrings aren’t getting anywhere near my paint!

What are you reading?

I can honestly say, I have not made a lot of time to sit down and read recently! When I do make time, it is usually for research or work. So, my current read is “A Generous Vision: The Creative Life of Elaine de Kooning” by Cathy Curtis.

I’m also working through The Defined Dish cookbook!

What are you listening to?

I listen to podcasts while working, so I am a huge fan of I Like Your Work by Erika B. Hess.

I also play all of Maggie Rogers songs on repeat.

What are your favorite blogs / publications?

                  This is the hardest question! I love Southern Living, Domino, Luxe Interiors, D Home any interior focused print or online publication. It think it’s important to educate yourself on what is current and out there in the industry – even if it isn’t necessarily your “style”.

  I have two favorite blogs that I keep coming back to: The Potted Boxwood and DoSayGive.

The Potted Boxwood is by my friend Christina Dandar. Her taste and style inspires me! I love keeping tabs on where she’s traveling, what she’s buying, and the homes that she highlights are above and beyond.

DoSayGive is by Dallas based Lee Cordon. I have started to use Lee’s content as my main inspiration for all things etiquette and gifting. I love that she has a strong focus on different areas of your children’s lives, whether it be teacher gifts, holidays, or what books to read. She is such a genuine person and I have really loved following her!


Be sure to follow Taelor Fisher in her website &  Instagram.  

She is also represented by Gregg Irby Gallery, Blueprint Gallery, Exhibit by Aberson and Liz Lidgett


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