Artist Spotlight Series: Willa Heart

I am so excited to introduce you to another talented artist and creative that I met through Instagram.

This gal creates fun and fabulous art that speaks to my color loving self.

Enjoy getting to know

Alyssa Jill Harris of Willa Heart

Camden, South Carolina


What is your training?

I am dyslexic and went to an elementary school & high school for learning disabilities that put a lot of emphasis on the arts. Kids who are dyslexic are super creative and need of an outlet for all their ideas. Both schools had amazing art programs that really let me explore art from a young age.

From there I went on to take courses at the Museum School of Boston, Mass Art where I took fashion design & clothing construction courses, North Bennet Street School, Boca Raton Art Center and University of Hartford Art School where I was a sculpture major.

I like to try a bit of everything and I am thinking of taking a pottery class in the next few months!


What inspires you and your designs?

I am super inspired by 1950’s & 1960’s Palm Beach décor and their love for the east. They knew what they were doing. In the 1970’s people went all out with interior design and I can always find inspiration looking at photos from then.

What is your favorite piece? pictures if possible…

My favorite painting I have done is Tao & Fang. They are so happy and make me smile every time I look at them.

How has the your area influenced your work?

I moved to a quiet town in South Carolina 3 years ago from Boston and the biggest influence would have to be that I started painting again after years of not making art.

What is your favorite restaurant in Camden?

Salud! It is this delicious Mexican restaurant & tequila bar in this cool old building and the drinks are beyond! We go way to often and I always get the same thing.

What is your favorite cocktail?

I have been loving a Gin & Tonic lately.

How do you balance personal life and work?

I work from home and I am kind of a homebody so the lines are kind of blurred. It is really a dream job for me!  

Dream trip?

I can’t stop looking at photos of Jaipur India. They call it the Pink City and it is breath taking. I need to go! 

Dream commission?

I love making art for kids so a fun mom and with a big wall to fill is my dream commission. I hear Kylie Jenner just had a baby….

Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?

You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of champagne

Who is your style icon?

Diana Vreeland

with a dash of Suzie Wong

and a pinch of Liberace


Your favorite up and coming artist?

I love everything that Luke Edward Hall makes

What is your most treasured possession?

My art collection.

What are you reading?

Theft By Finding by David Sedaris. I am obsessed with all his books and his sister Amy. They are so funny!

What are you listening to?

Lana Del Ray on repeat.


What are your favorite blogs / publications?

The Cut

& Goop!


Check out some amazing Willa Heart Commissions… I am personally dying to get her to paint a leather coat! 




A necklace collaboration



and a plethora of prints…

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