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Blogtour Milan introduced me to many new lines and vendors at Salone’s Eurocucina. I also had the privilege of getting to know the brands better that I am already familiar with.  Seeing a product online or in an ad never has the effect as having the people behind the brand explain the product with the passion behind the design.  The Blanco group was insightful and dedicated to showing the lucky Blogtour attendees the new products and why they filled the needs in the market.  Blanco’s steelart collection is HOT, HOT, HOT. It was all over every showroom because stainless sinks are certainly au courant.  My favorite pieces to showcase are the new One and Attika collections. 


Discover our award-winning BLANCO STEELART® portfolio of products. With sleek lines, handcrafted geometric shapes and the incomparable detailing of crisp zero or elegant 10mm radius corners, BLANCO STEELART offers a world of design possibilities. Within the BLANCO STEELART® collection, BLANCO FLOW™ is more than just a sink, it’s an architectural element. BLANCO ARCON™ is designed with soft, flowing curves to accentuate the architectural details throughout your home. BLANCO PRECISION™ 16″ allows more room for your faucet, while protecting the integrity of your precious stone countertops. And BLANCO PRECISION™ with MicroEdge™ technology features ultra-fine sink rims for a virtually seamless appearance. In a world of mass produced, stamped steel pieces, BLANCO STEELART stands out as a leader in quality, handcraftsmanship and innovation.  Because at BLANCO, our vision is perfection and our goal is to have one very satisfied customer… you.

It takes 30 craftsmen and 48 steps to create one STEELART® sink from BLANCO. Premium 18 gauge BLANCO stainless steel, with crisp zero or elegant 10mm radius corners and innovative sound deadening pads combine to deliver our award-winning STEELART portfolio. STEELART designs include FLOW™, ARCON™, PRECISION™ 16″ and the breakthrough PRECISION MicroEdge™ which offers a virtually seamless flushmount look. Each transcends the kitchen sink to an award-winning, handcrafted work of art.





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ONE™ Collection, Endless Stories 

With three different sink sizes and an assortment of custom-designed accessories, the new ONE collection is crafted of the highest quality stainless steel with generous 9″ deep bowls and our signature satin polished finish. ONE lets you customize your sink for your individual lifestyle — whether you’re a large family, a weekend gourmet, or a city-dweller with limited kitchen space.

It’s the ideal mix of durability, space, safety and organization. Our spacious XL Single Bowl stands up to the demans of busy families with a stylish solution for chaotic kitchens. Extra room in the bowl allows for plentiful prepping, stacking and cleaning – and with our custom accessory kits, everything has its place.








This drop-in sink features a raised architectural rim that draws your eye like a piece of art.  ATTTIKA™ is STEELART handcraftsmanship at its finest, and is sure to be a focal point in your kitchen. Available in two sizes.

New elevated rim design gives strong architectural character.






 I highly suggest you consider Blanco as the best option in your next kitchen. This company is divine design in every sense of the word. 

BlogTour Milan and the Venice jaunt was made possible by the generous sponsorship provided by BLANCO America,  Gessi,  Clever Storage by Kesseboehmer,  Dekton by Cosentino, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Modenus.

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