Book Love: Parish – Hadley Tree of Life

You cannot think of American Interior Designers without thinking of the venerable firm, Parish – Hadley. This was the original design duo that had and has such a profound impact on so many of today’s great leaders of design.

This book, Parish – Hadley Tree of Life: An Intimate History of the Legendary Design Firm , is a new and welcomed take on design.  

It features 30 designers that worked for this firm and how their Parish – Hadley design background shaped them, hence the growing Tree of Life. 

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“The legendary interior design firm Parish-Hadley Associates set the standard for American style in the finest homes for more than three decades, from the 1960s through the 1990s. Throughout its colorful history, Parish-Hadley was commissioned by the most prestigious families in the country, from the Kennedys at the White House to the Astors, Rockefellers, and Gettys. Yet the fertile partnership between Parish and Hadley also greatly influenced the taste, style, creative process, and practices of the designers who worked for them. In this volume, 30 of the most renowned designers relate in detail their personal experiences working at the firm, accompanied by images they have chosen of their own work, past and present, illustrating how their designs were shaped by Parish-Hadley.”

via Abrams

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Brian McCarthy, a former partner at Parish-Hadley, is the author of STC’s Luminous Interiors, and his work has appeared in Architectural Digest, Veranda, House Beautiful,  ELLE DECOR, and the New York Times. He lives in New York City.
Bunny Williams is an interior designer, garden expert, co-owner of Treillage Ltd., and author of four books published by STC. She divides her time between New York, Connecticut, and the Dominican Republic.


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