Buddy Editions Launch

The ever clever and charming Katie Armour has turned her expertly trained design eye from Matchbook Magazine to an exciting new project she just launched, Buddy Editions!


“Today I am so thrilled to announce the launch of a new project I have been working on for many months. Buddy Editions is an online art gallery that sells exclusive (you can’t find them anywhere else!), limited-edition art prints by emerging artists around the globe. I was always looking for art online and didn’t feel there was a site that continually introduced new work I loved at affordable prices — now, we have Buddy. On the site you’ll find everything from fashion illustrations to landscape photography by artists from Australia, England, Japan, Uruguay, the U.S., and beyond. Prints start at only $50 and the collection will be continually growing. I cannot wait for you to meet the artists and see their incredible work — curating the launch collection has been a true honor. I hope you find something special for your home and consider gifting some art this holiday season. The site is named after my grandfather and the project is near and dear to my heart.”


Here are a few of my favorites….

Danielle Kroll

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Medium: Illustration

DKroll_Tasting_Star_11x14_1024x1024 DKroll_Manhattan_Matches_11x14_1024x1024

Kathryn Warren

Location: Connecticut
Medium: Gouache

DKroll_Manhattan_Matches_11x14_1024x1024 KWarren_London_11x14_1024x1024 KWarren_Hollywood_11x14_1024x1024 KWarren_NewYork_11x14_1024x1024 KWarren_Paris_11x11_1024x1024

Marcel George

Location: London, UK
Medium: Watercolor, Digital



Natalia Roman

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Medium: Oil Painting

NRoman_AbstractNo_1024x1024 NRoman_AbstractNo5_11x14_1024x1024

Miyuki Ohashi

Location: Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan
Medium: Mixed media – acrylic fiber, crayon, pencil, marker



Haleigh Chastain Walsworth

Location: Paris, France
Medium: Photography



Valeria Rienzi

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Medium: Pen and watercolor, with digital editing

VRienzi_Winter_11x11_1024x1024 VRienzi_Summer_11x11_1024x1024 VRienzi_Spring_11x11_1024x1024 VRienzi_Fall_11x11_1024x1024

Gately Williams

Location: Charleston, SC
Medium: Photography 

GWilliams_Iceland_11x14_1024x1024You can follow along on Buddy Editions escapades on Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest !

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