This article was much to intriguing not to share. Any of you architecture buffs are sure to be heartbroken by this. I so wish I could preserve each and every one as a piece or architectural history and preservation.  9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World 123SExpand There’s something particularly spectacular.. read more →

The Mint Museum Auxiliary Room to Bloom Auction ends on Sunday. There are loads of fantastic finds.  I have included some of my favorites. Register and bid away for a wonderful cause. SUPPORT THE ARTS! The 2013 Room to Bloom Auction offers opportunities to purchase fine art, custom baubles, high-end vacation packages and so much more… read more →

This is the greatest Gingerbread House ever. Wouldn't Frank Lloyd Wright be proud? VIA read all about it and the amount of time and candy it took… It is spot on… Awesome, right? My son is dying for a Mother Son trip to Falling Water. I am happy to nurture any creative architectural desires such as.. read more →

As a professional hazard I tend to feel the need to make changes and upgrades.  I do believe a home is never really finished.  It evolves with the collection of the owner and the phases we go through. I have picked a few things to liven up my breakfast room. Happy to say the least… read more →

The Miller House is a wonderful architectural gem by Eero Saarinen.  Learn more about the house HERE. I adore the sunken living room, the light and the open floor plan. Here are a few of my favorite shots. The original sunken Living room The updated sunken Living room.  I am really drawn to mid century.. read more →