Studio Four NYC has collaborated with Brooklyn artist Wayne Pate (featured in my Artist Spotlight Series) to translate his original paintings into a playful and sophisticated collection of fabric and wallpaper.  Slight variations in dyelot and texture of printed wallpapers are to be expected. See the whole collection. Exotic Fruit Wallpaper Poppies Noir Wallpaper Trois Blooms Wallpaper.. read more →

I know I shouldn’t be shopping again but, this -30% off discount code FIRSTLOOK came through my inbox and I couldn’t resist popping over to check out the fashions. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t guess the vendor. They have upped their style game! You can come up with an entire summer wardrobe for a steal!.. read more →

One of the very best parts of my annual trip to Los Angeles for LCDQ Legends is getting to know other designers and meeting new friends. This year was no exception.  I had the pleasure of making many new friends and acquaintances of various design talents. One up my main objectives other than going to all.. read more →

F. Schumacher has created a faithful reproduction of a never-before-seen design by acclaimed midcentury architect Josef Frank, this pattern bears his signature modernity mixed with whimsy and warmth. I have long been a fan of Josef Frank fabrics and this is no exception. I am needing to use Exotic Butterfly for some lucky client soon. .. read more →

I came across the most gorgeous fabric the other day in the showroom and I cannot stop thinking about it. The name is even dreamy… Aurora in Spectrum.  The bohemian hand dyed effect combined with the linen / poly combo makes the most extraordinary crunchy hand of the fabric like a Thai silk taffeta. I.. read more →

I am newly obsessed with a line I have long known but, was reintroduced today to Christopher Farr Cloth.   Grizzel and Mann was in town showing and I am taken with some new beauties and old alike.  My favorite standout is Kit Kemp’s Traveling Light Wallpaper.  J’adore!  Traveling Light Fabric is a fav too… read more →

I am an admitted wallpaper textile and fabric junkie. Everyday I come across more and more new collections. I see so much new product it becomes hard to impress me. That being said,  the new Pierre Frey collections have knocked my socks off! They are superb and perfectly timed for Spring i the air. The colors, patterns and.. read more →