With all the turmoil and destruction around us, I thought we could use a visual treat to enjoy this Wallpaper Wednesday. WALLPAPER REPUBLIC’s Summer Garden Wallpaper at Milton & King is a riot of joy and color. Summer Garden wallpaper is a dramatic and stunning large-scale print featuring bold and colorful flora and fauna intertwining.. read more →

Wallpaper Wednesday is a wild one again.  I need to use this wonderful animal infused beauty ASAP! Le jardin du palais – This morning evocation of the garden paradise that was so dear to the Safavid dynasty of the 16th century leaves one dreaming. It depicts a lush Persian landscape, where gazelles, tigers, squirrels, flamingos and.. read more →

I am back with Wallpaper Wednesday sharing a lovely new collection from Thibaut.   Drawing influence from styles around the world, Ceylon is a globally inspired collection full of worldly charm. This cultivated collection of fabrics and wallcoverings is full of graphic patterns like block prints and geometric motifs with creative style, highlighted in a.. read more →

Tuesday post happened so late it is Wallpaper Wednesday. I am LOVING the new collection for Schumacher by my creative and talented friends! Peg Norriss—the brainchild of designer Barrie Benson and gallerist Chandra Johnson—works with leading contemporary artists to create showstopping wallpapers.  TOILE DE FEMMES A lyrical twist on a traditional toile pattern by fine.. read more →

Maybe it is Tiger King but, I am crazy for this whimsical and wonderful mural wallpaper by Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little.   I NEED to use it for someone ASAP. Tiger Grove – Designed for the young and the young at heart, childlike impressions of a jungle come to life with roaming tigers,.. read more →

  I am excited to introduce you to a new Nashville based line for Wallpaper Wednesday. Enjoy a look at Julia Kipling.  In 2019, Julia Kipling, LLC was established when artist, Katherine Stratton Miller, and gallery director, Rowanne McKnight, partnered to create an exclusive line of wallpapers.  “I hope when people view my work they.. read more →

I said it a few weeks back but I am saying it again….Now more than ever, we are spending time at home. I challenge you to really use every room. Enjoy your space. Discover what works and what doesn’t.  What space is boring? What chair do you never want to sit in? You need to.. read more →