Chicago and the Week in Pictures

I visited the new Whole Foods in Charlotte…it was insanely packed! I love the sign as you are leaving…


A client took this Rana Rochat out on approval.  It looks fantastic…

Great delivery of a reupholstered fun wing chair in a childs study

I headed to Chicago to meet my college friends for a long weekend. We have gotten together at least once a year since we graduated.  We all live in different cities which makes for BIG fun and late nights when regroup.  We stayed at The James hotel.  Where the in room bar had a chic little cocktail mixing glass.

Night one out in Chicago. Sunda was fab especially since we had the chef's table.

The great orange bikes for borrowing in the hotel.

We loved exercising on Lakeshore. So beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Lunch at Ralph Lauren was divine.  The restaurant is beautiful with leather banquettes and walls filled with English Sporting art.

 The mimosas were not bad either.

Drooling over these Christian Louboutins at Neimans.

I need a Theory orange leather moto jacket…It is my favorite color.

This Valentino Red fur was hard to take off after trying.  It was just perfect.

A lovely silver street performer..

A love the windows at All Saints filled with sewing machines just like the original one in London on Portobello road.

 Gemini Bistro in Lincoln Park.  The cocktails and food were terrific.  I had a "Heater"  a chili infused tequila and lime cocktail and is was wonderfully spicy.

The whole group 22 years after were first met out freshman year fall….

The architectural tour via boat…

My favorite corn cob buildings..

The Sears tower that has a new name…

We spend happy hour on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building.  Quite the view huh?

The boat tour.

We were whooped. We ordered Gino's East, traditional Chicago deep dish pizza,  and snacked on Garrett's popcorn the last night.  That popcorn could make me move to Chicago!!! Thank goodness for mail order and my "Crazy Eights!"

Hope you had a nice weekend. Back to work…