Coral & Tusk’s New Embroidered Artwork

I am excited to introduce you to Coral & Tusk’s new collection of framed artwork!

I have long adored them for their other adorable embroidery. 

They have partnered with Simply Framed to present their timeless, embroidered designs in a new decor format. 

For this collection designer Stephanie Housley created lively new scenes featuring their distinctive animals, feathers, and badges, building on longtime Coral & Tusk favorites.



Feather and Arrows, 30” x 20”, Plumes, 24” x 24”, Tipi and Fox, 20” x 16”. Image above courtesy of Will Ellis.


Left to right: Woodland Living Tree, 24” x 24”, Habitats Series, 20” x 16”, Specimens, 16” x 20”. Left and right images courtesy of Kate Lacey, Center image courtesy of Simply Framed.

Coral & Tusk’s intricate embroidered narratives are now available in a framed art format! We are thrilled to introduce our new collection of artwork framed by Simply Framed. Each piece retains the tactile quality of our signature pillows and table linens with the C&T themes you know and love, ready to hang high on your gallery wall!


Dolls, 30” x 24”, Image courtesy of Simply Framed

Our new line of framed artwork beautifully displays every hand-drawn stitch. Each piece is professionally matted and framed with care, with a plexiglass overlay and your choice of wood finish: white, natural or dark walnut. Well crafted and timeless, our heirloom quality pieces are the perfect gift for new beginnings, including housewarmings, weddings, and new family members!


Clockwise from Top Left: Cabin and Deer, 20” x 16”, Wagon and Raccoon, 20” x 16”, Igloo and Fox, 20” x 16”, Tipi and Fox, 20” x 16”. Image courtesy of Simply Framed

yardage_habitats_2 copy.jpg

Left: Habitats Fabric Right from Top: Cabin and Deer, 20” x 16”, Igloo and Fox, 20” x 16”, Yurt and Fox, 20” x 16”, Wagon and Raccoon, 20” x 16”, Tipi and Fox, 20” x 16”, Tent and Bear, 20” x 16”

We continue to be inspired by animals and their environments in our artwork designs. The habitats series re-imagines our favorite critter’s homes, a plains fox in a tipi, a deer with her cabin, and a little arctic fox nestled in an igloo! Warm up any home with our habitat artwork!

framed art double feathers.jpg

Left: Arrows and Feathers, 30” x 24” Right: Feathers, 30” x 24”. Left image courtesy of Simply Framed, Right image courtesy of Kate Lacey.

specimens and merit.jpg

Left: Specimens, 16” x 20” Right: Merit Badges, 16” x 20” Right image courtesy of Kate Lacey.

Adorn your walls with our bold Feathers and brightly embellished Specimens and Merit Badges. Each piece features a different collection of prized possessions or earthly wonders. Our framed art continues to capture the intrinsic spirit of the natural world.

coral_and_tusk_framed_art 7.jpg

Superstition, 24” x 24”, Image courtesy of Simply Framed

All framed pieces are available through Coral & Tusk’s website.


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