Divine Dowel Furniture


I am excited to introduce a burgeoning brand that is full of gems.  A friend shared this company and I am dying to use a few of my favorite pieces pieces in upcoming projects.  The lines are fresh yet are historical in nature. Enjoy getting to know Dowel Furniture Company. The sibling owners that grew up around the tradition of fine furniture craftsmanship in the Philippines through the family business specialize in custom designer chairs. Their family has been manufacturing high quality furniture for the past 25 years and are proud of each piece that leaves the factory.

 This small line of carefully designed pieces incorporates lean silhouettes and clean lines against sumptuous style elements that are sophisticated and provocative yet at the same time casual and graceful. Reviving the subtle femininity of American mid-century furniture as filtered through the prism of warm masculinity, a duality that marks the Art Deco period, the Duncan Hughes Collection underscores the designer’s keen understanding of form and scale. Each piece harmonizes pared-back historic shapes with lavish modernity while glowing with warm woods, metal accents, and rich, luxurious fabrics.

Gardner Stool

Duncan Hughes for Dowel

Long legs, and curves in all the right places – inspired by the feminine glamour, strength and mystique of our most beloved screen sirens of the 1940’s and 50’s. Lavish and refined, finished in rich wood and flashes of glowing metal. Available in both bar and counter heights.


Hayworth Bench

Duncan Hughes for Dowel

Reminiscent of the glamour of the Hollywood of a bygone era, simplified for modern living. Tailored and contemporary, and uniquely sized to anchor a seating area, become a focal point in an entry hall, or rest comfortably at the foot of a bed. Romantic, extravagant, and versatile enough to make a statement in every room.

Hudson Bar Cart

Duncan Hughes for Dowel

Every piece in this collection is designed to be enjoyed with a cocktail in hand, so designing a bar cart that would facilitate this ideal was a necessity. The style of the piece came easily: lean, sturdy, graceful and cosmopolitan, with plenty of room for your most prized glassware and finest bottles.

Grant Lounge Chair

Duncan Hughes for Dowel

A modern interpretation of 1930’s club chairs, and paying homage to early midcentury’s streamlined and elegant approach to furniture. A perfect ergonomic blend of masculine proportions and feminine lines. Sleek, handsome, and full of surprises. Smoldering with mystery and intrigue, this chair is meant to look and feel sophisticated, yet sexy. Holding you in all the right places and supporting you where it counts.

Be sure to check out Dowel Furniture at High Point Market.

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