Mally Skok for Dowel Furniture

My talented friend and designer, Mally Skok, has created a lovely capsule collection for Dowel Furniture

It is rooted in antiques and classic designs with a modern twist.

Mally’s space with Dowel really shined at High Point Market as did she. 


Enjoy a look at these beauties available in many sizes and finishes. 


My dining chair of choice is always a Klismos chair. I have a huge fondness for designs that hark back to ancient times – they always look so modern and absolutely relevant today. Why reinvent the wheel? The Klismos chair has a splayed back leg and the simple frame that is depicted in early Greek pottery or temple friezes, the chairs date back to around 500 BC! I really dislike dining chairs that get you right in the center of your back. It’s so unrelaxing! The Klismos chair is empty in the middle, and the generous top portion of the chair cradles your shoulders in a tender hold.  -Mally

“I find a lounge chair to be such a useful extra chair to have floating around in a living space. I always notice that it is a favourite spot for friends to perch when we have a dinner party. It is super roomy without being clunky – (one of my pet peeves) – you can sit there surveying the room, or pull it in towards the sofa for an intimate chat. It’s the perfect chair for a what my Brit pals call a ‘lounge lizard.’” -Mally

“Back in the good old London days, I formed my eye by trailing through the grandest antique and fabric emporiums, (the kind that had a scary bell at the door), with an eccentric South African designer friend, Giles. In a very smart antique store on the top of Lots Road that runs down to what is now the Chelsea Design Center, we were looking for a desk for one of Giles’ clients and I saw this marvelous ottoman. It wasn’t an antique, but had been designed and commissioned by the owner of the shop. It has the most wonderful feet and such perfect proportions. It came home with me, it has been in my life ever since.” -Mally

“With the sad demise of the traditional antique store that used to populate most big cities, I decided to make this table to celebrate that wonderful moment when you are wandering around a large space filled with oodles of ‘meh’ brown furniture, when suddenly a beauty, that doesn’t look like anything else you have ever seen before, catches your eye. The scalloped edging and serpentine feet truly make it a one-of-a-kind piece!” -Mally

“22 years ago when David and I first moved to Boston he was working night and day getting his start-up going. A friend sent me to a big warehouse out in the sticks that sold paint your own wooden furniture. I fell in love with this little scalloped table, painted it green, and it turned out to be the best money I ever spent. It is such an unusual height. The lamp sheds perfect illumination down on your book. It has a little lower shelf for books and bowls or whatever.”  -Mally

“I have honestly no idea how his chair popped into my head. I think I might have been channeling our skiing holidays in Kitzbuhel when we were little kids. My mum was widowed when were all really young, and she re-married the most generous and kind 4 gentleman who took us all on ‘honeymoon’ with them for a ski holiday in Austria. Ever since that day,I have always loved cozy Tyrolean style. Mountainous white duvets, and scrubbed furniture, and Edelweiss embroidery – sigh! I think these bar stools would look just perfect in a Tyrolean chalet nestled in the mountains somewhere.” -Mally

“In my wanderings around English antique shops, I often see adorable little beat up stools that look like milkmaid stools! I love when they have this useful little cutout place on the top so you can easily scoop them up. I started seeing little stools everywhere – pushed under coffee tables or tucked under an old trestle tables in a country kitchen. I just had to make a Mally version! They usually have only three legs, making them rather unstable, so these have four.” -Mally

“I have such a fondness for children’s chairs. To me they evoke the idea of family, and the promise of future generations. I pounce on them when I come across them in antique stores, especially when they are priced just right. I have a little collection of old children’s chairs assembled in front of the fireplace in my family room. I just had to add a version of my favourite one to the collection.” -Mally

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