Dog Love & Dog-A-Day with Lesli Devito

Lesli Devito of My Old Country House is a friend and a talented artist.

She is also a fellow dog lover. She is one of those people who truly understands the importance, beauty and kindness of these magical creatures. I believe with all my heart that dogs are man’s best friend as does Lesli.  

I have had a dog heavy month as I listened to A Dog’s Purpose and am now listening to A Dog’s Journey. Today, I made my way to the Avery Country Humane Society (where I adopted Waffles) and fell deep in love with a beauty named Dreamie. I already have 3 dogs and the husband thinks 4 is too many but, this gal really looked right into my eyes to my soul.

I love this said on Lesli’s blog…



…These furry…and sometimes, not so furry creatures come to us. Or we go to them…but in any event …they add to our lives in ways that cannot be measured…unquantified…but that we KNOW – deep in our hearts.

 Some dogs challenge our patience, like my Bean who lives for adventure…and some save our lives…Like Charlie who saved mine when he woke me up one hour before the ceiling caved in over my bed…(true story)…and some just save our hearts..and remind us that LOVE is WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT…

See the thing about dogs is that ALL they ask…ALL they want from us is that we LET them LOVE us!!! Completely  – unselfishly… THEY CAN TEACH US SO MUCH!!!


I have featured Lesli and her art HERE when she painted my sweet Waffles.


Lesli stopped taking commissions in January because she is focusing more on her other art.  She was flooded with loads of requests for dog portraits.  As a project of love, she decided to do a painting a day for 28 days originally in February but, has now expanded to 100 days because of the huge volume of pictures and heartfelt stories. The paintings are then for sale by the artist.


Here are a few examples:





You can send your photos to to possibly have your pooch painted. 

PLEASE consider purchasing your painting if selected as she have received hundreds of submissions. This is her livelihood and has 2 children in college.


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