I love lots of things but, topping the list are animals and art!  My favorite illustrator, Donald Robertson,  whom I featured HERE earlier this year with an exclusive interview has teamed up with the ASPCA and One Kings Lane to save some animals.

You know I NEED this #Walkies by Donald Robertson Print


We’re thrilled to offer these exclusive designs by Donald “Drawbertson”
Robertson, sold by the ASPCA®. They show off the artist’s signature 
style—high fashion meets freewheeling fun, infused with his 
boundless energy (he’s also Estée Lauder’s roving creative director).
Shop and read more about this collaboration.



The ASPCA® gave Donald
carte blanche on his designs
(“when does that ever happen?”),
which were made in conjunction
with its Young Friends
benefit in New York. So he went
to town, using spray paint
and tape to give a whole new
look to the traditional catwalk
and the fashion tribe.

Donald himself is a devoted

animal lover: “Abandoned

dogs break my heart. If I didn’t

have five kids, two dogs,
and a killer stray cat, I’d take
them all home.” His twin
boys love their dog, Monty.


Founded in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals champions animal welfare across the United States.
All net proceeds from this sale will go directly to the ASPCA®.

Here are the pieces you can buy HERE







get to know this creative genius a bit better with this ONE KINGS LANE feature

Meet the Fashion World’s Favorite Illustrator

Artist and fashion-world force Donald “Drawbertson” talks about his love of animals, his Instagram pet peeve, and his boundless creative energy.

Intro image

Chances are, you’ve seen Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson’s work in the digital sphere—it’s all over Instagram. Or perhaps you’ve glimpsed some of his splashy, irreverent, freewheeling art in some of New York’s more fashionable homes. The artist, who has a “day job” as a roving creative director for Estée Lauder, is as prolific as Andy Warhol, pulling everything from Whole Foods bags to neon tape into his world and rolling out one inspired design after the next.

We’re thrilled to offer some of Donald’s designs—prints, bags, and more—all sold to benefit the ASPCA. It was a happy collaboration: The animal welfare organization gave the artist free reign to depict animals with his signature humor and dead-on sense of chic. We paid a visit to the artist to get the download on his process, his pieces, and much more.


First things first. What drew you to this collaboration with the ASPCA?
“They let me do whatever I wanted! When does that ever happen?”

 Are you a lifelong animal lover?
“Yes. My very Canadian dad loved plain old beagles. We had two, back to back. Then I got to pick one that I thought was a black Lab puppy. One day I noticed he had grown a full beard. Then he got crazy wiry… the guy we got it from later admitted it was part Bouvier and part wire-haired terrier. He was so cool. Smart, sweet, did great tricks. We called him C’mere.”

What’s your current pet situation?
“I love dogs. And the abandoned ones break my heart. I’d take them all home if I didn’t have five kids, and two dogs, and a killer stray cat… you know the drill.”


You have a serious day job. Do you consider yourself an “off-duty artist”?
“No—always on! I never stop. It’s like a nervous tick.”

Why do you think illustration art has caught on in such a major way?
“Computer animation has literally become photography. Seeing a hand in the work, or drips or smudges, makes it feel more artful and less churned out by computer printers.”


“Seeing a hand in the work, or drips or smudges, makes it feel more artful and less churned out by computer printers.”
—Donald Robertson


As a father of five, you have your hands full. How do you find the time to generate new ideas?
“Usually when I’m dragging kids around I’m plotting my next projects. Sometimes you need to step away and hit your refresh button.”



Any artists whose work you really admire or reference?
“I love John Currin. He is a mad paint genius. I love David Hockney. He is the ultimate illustrator painter. I also love this Canadian dude Alex Colville, who recently passed. His paintings are fantastically minimal but not.”


Who do you think posts the most inspiring images on Instagram?
“National Geographic (@natgeo) is my fave.”

Any Instagram etiquette you want to share?
“Don’t ask people to post things. It’s not #cool.”


“I love John Currin. He is a mad paint genius.”
—Donald Robertson


Above: An illustration of Donald and his family. To add some pretty to your feed, follow Donald on Instagram @donalddrawbertson

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