DXV Design Panel: Mid-Century Resort by Pulp Design Studio

KBIS has been a wild few days going at mock speed.  

One of the highlights has been the spaces displayed by the 2016 DXV Design Panel. These were elevated beyond your regular trade show floor display.

It has been refreshing and inspiring to see DXV go to the next level. They have become a go to for the transitional to modern bath.   

Susan M. Jamieson, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, Beth Dotolo, Carolina V. Gentry and Genevieve Ghaleb — An elite group of celebrated designers pay homage to four iconic cities, marrying timeless products from DXV with equally stunning design choices and accessories.

Here is one of my favorites…


Mid-Century Resort


Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry of Pulp Design Studios,  

“When you think about Palm Springs, you don’t just think about architecture. You think about Lifestyle.” 

Our motto is that it’s not just about a beautiful home, it’s how you live in it. That’s our “splendid living” approach.

“Mid-century was probably the peak of Palm Springs glamour. But we wanted someone to come in and envision themselves in it today as well, ” they clarify. So Beth and Carolina incorporated design elements that were modern, fresh and unique, and paired them with glamorous touches throughout.


The angular lines of the Seagram Freestanding Soaking Tub made it a dynamic focal point for their design. 




Behind it lies the tropical indoor/outdoor shower, a refreshing expression of desert modernism. 


Bright whites, bursts of colors and organic patterns are all set off by a few rich hits of quirky fun, setting the tone for a true sense of leisure that’s as timeless today as it was yesterday.


When we saw that the Seagram toilet was wall mounted, we wanted to make it into more of a gallery piece. 



So we left the space open and crated these awesome partitions that are reminiscent of Palm Springs concrete blocks.



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